Your Wish List


Hope all goes well for her.


Susannah Hoffs twenty years ago!!. If Santa could arrange that for moi, he’d be some legend altogether.


You’ve been a bad boy this year.

You’ll have to settle for the current model. :wink:



God bless ya Sir!


No problems, where do I sign?


Get the laser discs!

I have the originals in vhs.




Beat kerry with last min goal in all ireland final .sweet.


We’ll lads , was it coal or something nice this morning !


Disappointed with Colleen. Arrived with a dominos pizza. Fucking hate dominoes


For what?

As for the pizza delivery, guaranteed to be hairs in it. Still would though (the pizza)


Because it would make my life complete. All that tech. It would help me outsmart the Kerry man. As for the pizza… It didnt ruin the wish list.


Fair enough. Am watching A Very Murray Christmas. Bill, not John. It’s brilliant, I wish he’d visit me every year at this time and we’d do karaoke