Your Favourite Sitcoms


Stumbled across Bridget and Eamon yesterday. Have watched 3 episodes and think its quite funny. Little bit of Father Ted about it


very much has its moments.


Watching reruns of Dad’s Army. God what an innocent time! Nostslgia’s not what it used to be though☺


It’s very good for an RTE show. They normally make a bollox of comedy shows. Fr. Gabriel is brilliant


One series that might have been missed by many is Episodes with Matt le Blanc, and Stephen Mangan, It is superb in its irony and the way that it deconstructs character and ego. Very funny over 5 series, the final one is now going out via the BBC Iplayer. Highly recommended


Have watched a few EPs of Derry Girls , find it very good .


Looking back at these posts who knew we were about to see the greatest comedy of all time , Brexit staring May Corben and others , final episodes being filmed as we speak.
On a funny note I’ve noticed pretty much all the usuals listed as favs , wonder who people think was the funniest character ever , for me my all time scene stealer was coach from cheers, a character that could have you laughing , crying and confused all in one episode, played off of Sam I’ve never seen such consistent brilliance on any sit com


Trigger. Brilliantly played by the late Roger Loyd-Pack. And this is why.


Coach was just brilliant. The scene with his daughter in Sam’s office - or calling out for blubber butts…or the poker game.

A class comedy.

And to think they were going to pull the plug after the first few shows.


The poker episode is my favorite of all time pure genius, American sitcom without good auld USA family values in your face , Norm an alcoholic in any language , barmaid with kids by number and no husband, a real comedy not pushing an agenda , Coach the icing on the cake as much as I loved Woddy ( replacement) there was only ever one coach


American comedy can be very clever. Look at the early Simpsons or the US office.

But Cheers was the best.

Here’s some trivia…the pig in Toy Story was based on Cliff…the know-it-all postman.

John Ratzenberger (who played Cliff) has had a voice role in every Pixar / Disney movie since.


We’ve a few Cliffie’s around here too. :wink:


Ha. You mean know it alls!

Here’s Coach and the blubber butts.


I’m actually convinced when this is all over we’ll see a Blackadder the Fifth …


No, deffo a “yes prime-monster”!


I can just hear “ I’ve got a cunning plan Baldrick”…


Veep and The Thick of It are well worth watching, so sharply written.


Only just noticed this thread. @bigp made a comment about Citizen Smith not lasting well and I couldn’t agree more. It was a sitcom I absolutely loved in my teens but seeing it myself in recent years, it looked very dated.

Lots of my own favourites mentioned regularly here but mentions of the greatest of them all - Bilko - are few and far between.


Chelsea TV has been very good, of late.


Bilko was great.
I’d add The Odd Couple and even before that Green Acres