Your Favourite Sitcoms


David Soul


It loosened the sphincter off me anyway. That and Michael Myers in Halloween came between and my early teen sleeps too many times!


Mork calling Orson, come in Orson…feckin deadly


And his egg shaped spaceship. Robin Williams, another one gone to early.


Used to hate watching the wedding video back … until I taped Dublin v Kerry 2011 over it …


Apart from what has already been mentioned

Blackadder (I think the final episode of season 4 may be the greatest single episode of tv ever made)
The League of Gentlemen
Red Dwarf
Black Books
Arrested Development
Community (very meta sitcom, although skip season 4)
30 Rock
Parks & Recreation (skip the first season)
Bojack Horseman (the wackiness of the setting can take a bit of getting used to but stick with it, it is regularly amazing if sometimes very bleak)
Rick & Morty (unfortunately this has a subset of fans who are really obnoxious, but the show itself is great)

It’s not quite at all time favourite status yet, but The Good Place featuring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson is really good. It’s on Netflix, just make sure you watch it from the beginning.


It’s like the old joke - Watch it backwards, in the end she takes the ring off, walks backwards out of the church and drives away in a car…


Spaced, great call! Blackadder last episode was brilliant. Baldricks poem, boom, boom, boom… excellent. I’d rather kiss a skunk, so would I sir.


Just found it on the movie player…

Sleepless weeks ahead!


I see Rosanne is coming back. I loved Men behaving badly too.


Have to say I am impressed with The Young Offenders series so far


Just watched a couple re-runs of the Royle Family tonight. Brilliant all the same. Caroline Ahern was a brilliant writer, perfect theme song as well.


Police Squad.

Forgot to mention that one. Maybe not in everyone’s taste but I thought it was very funny.
Leslie Neilsen was a brilliant deadpan actor.


Curb your enthusiasm never fails to deliver even when you come across unexpectedly …tonight again … the only sitcom in history that goes no holds barred when using a one letter typo in an obituary…all I’ll say is that she was a “beloved aunt”


David is a genius , full stop .

And if you get a chance , watch the documentary “Long Shot” . An incredible turn of events got a guy out of prison as they were shooting an episode & the accused was caught on film in the background giving him an alibi for a crime he didn’t commit


Saw that on Netflix. Your man was blessed. Amazingly lucky. Seem could have been shot anywhere in baseball stadium and happened to
record him and his alibi by chance.


Good shout Beeko. Loved Sledge Hammer too back in that era



Has anybody mentioned Phoenix Nights ?


Top show

Jerry St. Clair :clap:

Pisskick ? What’s a Pisskick ?