Your Favourite Sitcoms


I’m not sure a poll would get us anywhere close to the best…see TV ratings for mrs brownes boys…


You should give Veep a view, funniest thing I’ve seen in the past 5 years easily.


Created by a Scot , yer man Iannucci ?


One and the same
A comedic hero, responsible for so much quality comedy.


You called?

ps June Whitfield in early 90s now and still going strong.


Back and Fleabag are two recent sitcoms that were excellent.


And the early seasons of Girls.


All that and humility too :wink:


Gameface wasn’t bad either…


Will check it out.


I’d rather not! A pile of dog poo.


Dear John…

Remember watching it in the 80’s in between Dempsey and make-peace and V


I knew this thread would come in handy , had no idea Webb & Mitchell had something new out .


Wasnt allowed watch V.
Not after I freaked out watching Blakes 7.
Anyone mention Mork and Mindy? Another great show.


I haven’t watched anything even remotely scary (wedding video excluded) since Salem’s Lot frightened the bejaysus out of me as a kid.


Loved it


Yeah especially the brother vampire coming through the window. That and the omen form the 70’s. Scared the shit out of me. Then I watched Bachelors party and all was cool!


Never seen it ( Salem’s lot ), must give it a spin .


Don’t come crying to me when you wet the bed.


I bought the book for the brother years ago , how does it compare ?