Your Favourite Sitcoms


No chance you’ll try fitting a kitchen by yourself?


Not a chance. Any tech questions fire them over. Fitting kitchens, no way! Diaster.


You must have watched this :laughing:

Tim “The Toolman” Taylor ! Loved it :blush:


Yeah if it’s too good to be true… and she says, ah what’s the harm, just get it. Truly thats the beginning of the end. psychologists are reporting that a trait of modern society is we are finding it harder and harder to just say no. Not anymore says you. Over and out.


That thread on tech is so over my head!

When I read it I don’t have a clue.

Tech issues in this household are all passed to the daughter.

“Don’t explain, just fix it”


I dunno about that, I hear No all the time. From the wife, the kids and the boss in work. As in the film.

Dr. Ben Sobel: You don’t hear the word “no” a lot, do you?
Boss Paul Vitti: Well, I hear it all the time, only it’s more like “no, please, no!”


Good aul Rab :+1:


Steptoe and Son, one of the best. Old man Steptoe Wilfred Bramble was actually born in Dublin.


The guy who was the compare on that show… Leonard Meyer Sachs… was he related to Andrew Sachs?


Nothing new to offer except to say that The Office, Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers (not in any particular order) were probably my favourites. Only Fools had that endurance that most sitcoms cannot sustain beyond two or three series which is why the best of the rest were usually confined to just that, 2 or 3 series. A nod too to Bachelors’ Walk (as mentioned by @Dub09 earlier), well written and some great acting, especially by Keith McErlean.
I liked Frasier and Cheers but I never found any US sitcom to be on a par with anything produced in the UK.
I focking HATED Friends.


Well done Snowcat, I thought by 70 posts if Bottom hadn’t been mentioned it wasn’t going to be at that stage. Definitely one of my favorites. Their lives shows were hilarious too. I would rate my favorites as ones that I would re-watch over and over again and still laugh out loud every time
Faulty Towers
Only Fools
The IT Crowd (Douglas was my favorite character)
The Inbetweeners
The Office


We should lash a Poll up to see which is definitively the best. For me Only Fools and Horse. Great writing, actors and theme tune. Still fresh after all these years. Special mention for Trigger (RIP) has to be the funniest on it.


We need a shortlist , there’s hundreds here !


I had forgotten all about it but I was watching an episode of War & Peace the other night and Adrian Edmondson is in it. He kept reminding me of Bottom (the programme, I hasten to add!)


Was he the Italian bloke? :wink:


Yeah camaraderie, best full back in the business.

Trigger: What you up to Dave?
Rodney: I’m listening to Mozart’s Concerto No.5 in D-Minor.
Trigger: No words to this song Dave?
Rodney: No Trigger, it’s an instrumental.
Del Boy: Alright Trigger? What you doing?
Trigger: I’m listening to Mozart’s Concerto No.5 in D-Minor.
Del Boy: Okay.
Trigger: It’s the karaoke version.


He was in another series Bancroft a while ago as a chief inspector or something like that. Hard to take him seriously. Just noticed that he was also in Save me which I’ve just finished watching and never even noticed him in it!


Do Mayo’s attempts to win an All Ireland count as “Situational Comedy”?


That’s a bit harsh…

But funny, nonetheless.


Found myself humming this today for some strange reason. I blame this place.