Your Favourite Sitcoms


Super !


Brilliant, brilliant show.


First sitcoms I ever remember were Get Smart & The Partners.

Don Adams in both. They were a welcome change from the normal stuff on tv.

Mind you I think we only had 3 stations back then.



Yeah we only had three stations swell, 'till our next door neighbour disconnected our ‘pipe’ from his! :slight_smile:


Funny you mention that. Watched a profile of the pair over the Chrimbo & they showed a lot of those skits. They were usually handymen doing running repairs, as the set fell down around the guest star, doing their big number. It was howlingly funny stuff & physical slapstick humour often doesn’t do it for me.


That’s a blast from the past

The “piped television “.


Up until I was about twelve, I was the remote for the telly.


A relation of mine was complaining that they had carried their old working tv to a local charity shop and was astounded to find out that not only did the charity shop not take the tv but that nobody not even the poor, want a black and white tv anymore.


Been the oldest my youngest brother was the remote, I also had a spare, the second youngest. It wasn’t;t a hard gig, three channels, ya couldn’t go wrong. But if ya where to do it today, ya would need a degree in employment law there is that many channels…


Same as, my father in law wanted to bring an flatscreen down to the charity shop, does it have HDMI I asked? No. Forget about it.


I heard that even on a black and white tv, Marty Morrissey is still in colour.


Racist Fr Ted episode on 4 More now.

Marlin was the pipe tv crowd??? Park House if I remember. Every so often you’d have to cut the plastic cover to get the copper wire long enough to go into the telly - with the tinfoil type stuff and the ‘teeth’ to grip the grey wire …


Did it have the horizontal & vertical hold knobs?


There’s a good book in you and the father in law, always gives me a good laugh, your determination to do and your patience in doing is admirable, I am similar but without a gram of patience. It was you with the apple laptop and the potential wardrobe.


Him and mr. Mahogany aka Bernard Flynn


That right! A jaysus I love the bones of him, a good tipp man. Id nearly say he is me best mate at this stage. But he would drive ya demented. As for the apple computer he loves it, even though he has downloaded that poxy malware Mackeeper about 20 times. But its cool, I have patience. The wardrobe. We have a name for that saga, The dope, the stitch and the wardrobe. ya can guess who I am!


Is Rab C Nesbitt worthy of any Ressers favourites list?


Yes !


When you can manage to laugh at the end of it all you have already won. Fair play all round & keep us posted on them purchases.


I’m retired from that shit now. Whats that saying ‘if its to good to be true…’