Your Favourite Sitcoms


Rising Damp. excellent.


Barely. Bachelor’s Walk was excellent …


Favourite part of The Young Ones was the guest band.


Ground breaking and funny can be very different things.
It was ground breaking as it was first comedy that I’d recall being aimed at that demographic but having come across it recently for 15minutes…loud and shouty is my updated view.


and brilliant. Neill was always my favourite.


The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin was really good.


Not sure it was a sitcom but The Day Today was excellent and was the launch pad for the Alan Partridge character


I think it was both.
We’ll agree to disagree.


In Thatchers Britain, it was downright anarchic & legitimately groundbreaking, considering the other “safer” comedy that was on at the time, such as The Two Ronnie’s or Morcambe & Wise. It hasn’t aged well though.


Good point, great for its time and maybe thats all it needed to be. made me laugh as kid!




Morecambe and wise still re run a fair bit and they are still golden when they humiliate the big guest stars…I know not a sitcom


Me to… but it was on today and mrs. JJF was watching it. Have to say I laughed once or twice. Joey and Ross where funny enough, Rachel. Ah Rachel.


Threes Company. Lucky fucker god rest his soul. :slight_smile:


Thatcher’s Britain reminds me of The New Statseman.

Alan B’Stard. Summed up the Tories for me.


That’s CJ’s line from Reggie Perrin…“I said to Mrs CJ, …” !


I didn’t get where I am today by reciting Reginald Perrin quotes on the internet…


Reginald was top stuff…


The Young Ones came along at the same time as ‘alternative comedy’ and mixed that and anarchy. Scumbag College anyone? Ooops wrong thread.

It always reminds me of Boyzone because both had a straightfaced guy called Mike … but there didn’t seem to be any reason why …,


Rising damp toured as a stage play a couple of years back and the lad that played the role as the son of an African king was the director. He is also in death in paradise.