Your Favourite Sitcoms


Royal famiy was simply brilliant


That was great when it came out.

Remember it being talked about the next day in work.

Peter Kay’s mother is from Tyrone. Think she’s an O’Neill…oddly enough.

It’s how he was able to voice Geraldine from Dungannon. There’s still a fatwa out against him for that.


Agreed. Never gets old. So amazing that 2 people can both act in & create/write a show like that. And not shy away from writing themselves as very unlikable or downright thick characters. Same for the Gavin and Stacy creators too.


Max & Paddy was brilliant , love this scene with Noddy Holder


Funny I watched an episode of P Nights on YouTube there.

The one were they hold a singles night.

Some of the scenes are class.


Phoenix Nights :clap:


Truly great sit-com, far more to it than it’s cosy, doddery image. Loved Porridge as well, razor sharp, McKay the PO was brilliant as the foil in it. And Richard Beckinsale and his Brummie accent was the heart and soul.

I think OFAHorses was the ‘best’ sit-com I’ve seen, Fawlty Towers the most laugh-out-loud, Cheers the most lovable, but my favourite remains Early Doors, Craig Cash’s first (I think) effort after Royal Family, which he co-wrote with Phil Mealy, who played his side-kick in the show. So many quotable quotes and identifiable lovable loser eccentric characters. The two cops element was beautifully subversive.

All that and it was James McEvoy’s break.

PS. “Rovers” is not great but worth a look for anyone who has ever been in love with a small football club (in any code).


Yep early doors class…another one maybe not well know is Still Game…scottish production for bbc.


I’ve been a bit moby dick the last few days. The how do you do came to call. I rarely watch the telly but I came across Still Game on you tube. I’ve been laughing my bollox off for the past couple of days. Very funny.


Only fools… By far the best. Early doors excellent. Royale family excellent. A one season wonder was dear John.

I liked goodnight sweetheart. Especially Dervala Kirwan!


Completely lost me here. Not a patch on the UK one


Glad you liked still game.I would encourage all to watch.


Have recently watched royal family from start to finish and Bottom, both absolutely brilliant and never get old. My Arse



Thats and the camping one were two of my favs, plus the live shows, when they go off script


100% agree - as good and all an actor Carell is, The original version is miles better.


Rik Mayall is sadly missed. Played some brilliant characters. Rik in The Young Ones, Richard Dangerous, Kevin Turvey, Alan B’stard, various generations of Flasheart, Wichie Wichard… Brilliant comedy write, also.


Who shall I make it out to ?

Just make it out to Eddie Hitler

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Very true, Richie in Bottom was his best character IMO. When they did the Dangerous brothers they were the same characters they turn into when they start fighting


His “autobiography” is one of the funniest books ever imo