Your Favourite Sitcoms


I honestly think part of it was because there were so few channels (pre-Satellite) so entertainment was limited.

Now my kids can go to on-demand and watch pretty much any cartoon.

Even Bilko was a treat when it came on once a week. With the box set I found myself flicking through some of the episodes.

As for British sitcoms…the ones I used to enjoy now seem a bit dated.

Pheonix Nights was good and used to be part of jokes in work next day.


Love watching the oldies on Gold.

It’s amazing what the likes of ‘Are You Being Served’ could get away with back then.


Funny…Mel Brooks said the same about Blazing Saddles.

There’s no way would it be made now…and yet it mocked racism.

Or Rising Damp! That was a class sitcom but Rigsby was as racist as hell.


Yes. It did. Don’t think the same could be said about AYBS though, despite the affection we all have for Mrs Slocombe’s pussy.

It mocked certain stereotypes, such as British class snobbery, but it reinforced others…such as a gay man being this one dimensional, effeminate, poofter.


Mr Humphries? Most kids first impression of a gay man.

Always liked Rising Damp.

Rigsby was miserable.

The scene were he was crying after he thought he’d ran over his cat Vienna.

When Alan tried to console him, Rigsby said the worst part is that he’d just bought a case of cat food that would go to waste.


Kids of that generation? Quite possibly. I wonder would a gay person look on the show with the same affection that we do? :thinking:


Good question.

Was going to say it was only 70’s comedy that had ott camp characters…but then got thinking some gay comedians today use camp as humour such as Alan Carr, Julian Clary, Paul O’Grady etc


They do. But they are one man band comedians, who get to choose what their “act” comprises of, or what persona they choose to present to the world. Is a bunch of straight men writing a gay character in a sit-com & writing him as a very stereotypical gay man, the same thing?

I dunno. John Inman may have absolutely adored the role & the character & may have had creative input into what Mr Humphrey said & did. He may have been perfectly happy to ratchet up the camp factor for even more laughs. Or he may have absolutely hated it all & just grit his teeth to keep the pay checks coming in. I just think it’s an interesting question.


According to his Wiki-peeja page he enjoyed it and was voted tv personality of the year back in the day when the show drew 20m odd viewers a week.
Probably wouldn’t be done like that today although James Dreyfus was as camp in Gimme Gimme Gimme opposite Cathy Burke.
Not my cup o tay but if it pays the bills…


For sure.

If was under duress…then absolutely.

But as you say maybe he ramped up the campness himself for effect.

But it’s weird you never see a macho gay character in comedy.


Dad’s Army, To the Manor Born, Terry and June…loved them all. All Creatures Great and Small, not a sitcom but I’m on a roll. Juliet Bravo! Ah it was better than what’s around now. It was!!


Depends what you mean by macho.

What about Will & Grace? The character of Will was much more ‘normal’ and boring, compared to the shows other flashier characters, both gay & straight.

The shows creators (2 gay men) were vocal about wanting to have a more well rounded gay leading man who who wasn’t the stereotypical campy creation, that gay people are usually written as being.


Never knew that…I’ve never saw Will & Grace.

I’m definitely more closed to watching newer sitcoms.

But the US Office was very good. Better than the UK one.


I remember laughing my head off every week at Mind Your Language. It was set in a classroom of foreign adults learning English. Of course it was full of racial stereotypes, but it was the 70s!


George and Mildred. My nanny always made me watch it. Another was robins nest along with the late Dave Kelley.



“She is a Tart!”


The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin was brilliant. I saw some episodes recently and it hadn’t dated like say Citizen Smith.


Have to say I think Early doors is exceptional from Craig Cash.Himself and Caroline AHerne will go down as all time greats.


Posh git with your nanny.:sweat_smile:


Its a northside thing!