Your Favourite Sitcoms


As kids we probably all watched Top Cat which was based on Bilko


Bilko was brilliant. And probably set the tone for other comedies involving loveable rogues…including Top Cat as Damo said.

Strange given it was a sitcom about a work shy US army seargant at the height of the Cold War.

I got the box set a few years ago. Even though it was 60 years old, some of it was still very good.

Conniving, scheming, flattering and loveable.

The role was made for Phil Silvers. And to think he ended his days suffering from depression.


And Doberman voiced Benny…and no doubt Officer Dibble was based on colonel Hall.

I know. I should get out more often.


Daller, did they remaster Bilko in colour later on?


Not that I know off Liam.

I got the box set from Amazon for my da - and it was all B&W.

There was an interview at the the start from Henshaw who I think was the last surviving cast member.

That was a while back so I’m sure there are probably better ones now.

I remember as a kid my da watching it on a Friday and him laughing away at it. So probably a bit of nostalgia for me when I think of Bilko.


I have a Bilko box set myself, which contains about fifteen episodes. There is a box set doing the rounds that has every single episode and I remember that I was determined to buy it. However I did read that some of the picture quality was not great, so still haven’t purchased yet.

Apparently the show was not only hugely popular amongst TV audiences but also was a great recruiting sergeant for the army itself. The army therefore were more than willing to lend any equipment the show needed in terms of things like jeeps and trucks.


I never realised that. Just reading up on it and Benny the Ball was voiced by the guy who did Private Doberman. All back in the days when comedy was actually funny.


I read that as well.

Saw an interview with Phil Silvers who said the US army gave them guys to advise them.

One of them was George Kennedy. Phil Silvers told him to get his acting card and got him a few cameos.

George Kennedy later won an academy award for best supporting actor in Cool Hand Luke.

One of the best lines to come from Sgt Bilko - and summarised the show - was when Colonel Hall was going to retire.

Col Hall: I’m leaving camp, Bilko. Let’s face it…you’ve been running this place.

Sgt Bilko: dont say that Sir. I couldn’t have ran it without you.


Maybe it’s because there less channels and choice…

But as a kid…nothing beat coming home from school and watching Top Cat and Scooby Doo

And they lasted a while.

Saw the new Scooby Doo cartoons and they’re very different. Not in a good way.

The old ones were better. Even though you’d think they’d have copped on at the start that it was really the caretaker with the crooked nose who did it.


I always fancied Daphne in Scooby Doo.


The one with glasses that was always finding clues !?

You remember Tales of the Unexpected by Roald Dahl…and the silhouette of a girl dancing at the start to that creepy music?

Apparently she’d get letters from teenage boys. (Not that I was on of them).



That’s the one!

1:14 in.

She’s a double for Mrs Dall with that slim, snake-like seductiveness. Ahem.


More like a boa constrictor after a couple of plates of that purdy pudding shite.


Not at all - I’m too shallow - Daphne was the good-looking ditzy one, not the clever plain-Jane with the glasses.


Call Mrs Dall what you want…but don’t ever, ever, EVER…slag off Tyrone’s national dish.

As for the snake dancer in Tales of The Unexpected…I just googled it and there are forums for the show!

And to think it was written by the same man that gave us Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

If i showed any of those shows to my kids: Bilko, Cheers, Cartoons etc…they’d look twice at me.


Malcolm in the Middle!


Top cat only lasted 1 season , 30 episodes. Yer ma must have recorded them and fooled you into thinking they were new episodes. Poor Daller :sweat_smile:


Recorder? We weren’t rich enough to own one.

They came to the village much later.

Ok then. Nostalgia makes things better. Kind of like Summers were warmer as a kid.

Jesus. I’m sounding like my oul boy god rest him.


I m only ballyragging you . I loved topcat and was surprised how few episodes were made.