Your Favourite Pub


That’s the one. Good live music as well.


Yep loved ‘Bush’s’.


In town Brogans when it’s quiet, or the Long Stone out the back.

Great boozer in Castletown Geoghan called The Drake. Full of hurling memorabilia as well. I wouldn’t do it justice to describe it further.


Top of the Town in Lusk, if you want that Pulp Fiction vibe!


Morrisseys in Durrow.


Don’t you mean Top Shop?
And it’s bigger brother the Bottom Shop!


Yeah, The Norseman was once a grwat pub.


Yep. Very few genuinely auld places left. I loved Slatterys and Boars Head in Capel St, both gutted in refurb


Top Shop maybe. Where people drink cans at table and locals look like extras from Deliverance?


The Snug Skerries. Quality establishment.

Joe Mays does deserve a mention. Long summer’s night when half the town are outside it.

Always liked Bruxelles in town. Workmans also.


Used to like Brux alot but the night of the All-I win in 2011 they acted like arseholes towards anyone trying to celebrate in any sort of obvious way (singing, being too loud, waving a flag). Up their own arseholes, but that’s the SS for ya.


Yea thats right, not really just the fishermen though. Anyone who wants a drink outside the normal hours of trading really. Frequent it very rarely meself but it is certainly an old school spot and yes, full of spacers. I’d well believe it about the 3 day session!