Your Favourite Pub


Wife is from Donegal. Great woman.


love Mayes for a pre match pint. Madigans afterwards.


Tom Connor is the owners name…a proud Mayo man. Must say the local dubs there are sound and you meet da same crowd all the time


Every time I went in there I could not for the life of me make out what the attraction was, good pint but the bar staff were as ignorant a shower as you’ll see


Here in Flannery’s in Limerick - nice spot. Listening to a Sligo tourist talking to a Clare man about how to bate the Dubs … a couple of early goals is the answer … Cluxton gave some young lad 4,000 lines the day after Dublin won one of their All Ireland cos he was talking about football. Another hour here and I’ll have a book written.


Had a good time in Flannery’s for a Bohs game down there a few years ago, plenty of Septics around visiting the forbearers homesteads/looking for crocks of (investment) gold etc.
Did you tell yer man to watch the video of the 2013 semi-final? In fairness I don’t think we’d get away with that now but it’s also alot less likely to happen. Til some young team with great pace and forwards runs through our ageing backs…


Hard to beat The Diggers.

The Long Valley in Cork was great once upon a time…
Tom Long’s (no longer a pub, alas) in Dingle.
An Cúinne in An Feonach, west of Dingle.
The Glandore Inn, Glandore, West Cork.
The Singing Pub near Rosapena, Donegal.
The Cock Tavern in Howth.
Harry Byrne’s Bar.
Bush’s Hotel in Carrick-on-Shannon.
Brady’s in Dunboyne.
The Sheds in Clontarf.
Beggar’s Bush (bar).
Great pint of Guinness in Byrne’s on Galloping Green.
Closer to the City Centre? The Oval, The Palace and Ryan’s of Parkgate St.


The hut, phibsboro
Friels, miltown malbay
The sheds
Long hall
Royal oak, kilmainham
Molly blooms,port Melbourne
Did nt know mcsavage based yer man on Mick out of the ha penny.
Norseman(90s version) was a great spot till some bollox from Cavan bought it.
Joe mays, skerries and the other place that’s near skerries has a pool table and is awkward to get too.( just remembered , man o war)
Stags head
Dick Mack’s, Dingle


Some of the autobahn staff could do with a bit of a personality transplant , for Mick it’s essential. Barrel of laughs our survey says 0.


Good call on The Hut


Had a delicious pint there yesterday!

As for the Autobahn staff, they always treat me nice, but then again, I am practically putting their kids through college!


The Hut, Phibsborough

Bridge Bar, Ramelton

Mick Macks, Dingle

Bridgebrook arms, Thomastown

I was in the Hut one Saturday when some fella came in asking if they were showing the rugby the next day. The barman replied “I have mass in the morning. After that we’ll be showing the camogie, but no rugby”. I’ve been a regular since.


It’s gone now but Mick O’Mahoney’s Cross Guns was the greatest Phibsboro pub.
There were memorable times after games in there - He was a great GAA fan.
He died suddenly around 2006 and it was replaced by Smiths and is now something else.


It’s a Craft Beer type pub now :face_vomiting:


With a super-strict door policy. A former Dublin football manager was slung out recently for his attire.
True story.


Locally, my favorite pub was the Bus bar but is closed now. Dont really go out to the pub now, unless there is something on. Used to love the old Coast front bar, which is due to be re-opening soon in a similar design
In town favorite bars are Clearys for pre/post match pints. Bruxelles before a gig in the past but haven’t been for a while
Can’t beat a pint in the airport cause your usually starting the billies!


Is that the one right beside the bridge over the Nore? With the ceilings lined with beermats and the walls lined with bookshelves? Great pub.


Is that opening beside The Gourmet Food parlour? Both should do well


Yep GFP is taking over the part that used to be the restaurant there. The Coast is opening again where the old bar used to be before Raffs destroyed it


Skerries is a dangerous place to go on the beer . Pal of mine lives out there. Went out one Sunday with him and it was Wednesday before we stopped. Is the Gladstone where the fishermen drink? Some space cadets in there back in the day.