World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Still planning to hold on to his FAI job if he wins. The quintessential Irish politician


Pity he had to stand down from the IOC as he has so much to take … I mean give.


King a typical Yes man gobshite


So the players are lying Noel … yeah?


the FAI’s response is fairly typical, they’ve come out on the attack … no one believes you lads, not over the players ffs. The women’s international team sharing tracksuits with underage teams is a thundering disgrace.


Where are the investigations into the Olympic tickets scandals at? I’d imagine the ticketing ‘arrangements’ for soccer tournaments were quite similar. Be interesting to see how it all pans out …


National Associations have nothing do with the ticketing for tournaments unlike the Olympics where some do go on sale through National Olympic Committees


Ok - but wasn’t there some scandal with Joe the Greek a few years ago. What about the allocations they get for away games?


George The Greek although you are right with the name Joe who’s surname is Delaney and is the Old Man of a certain football administrator. They didn’t come through the national association per se.


Elected with 48 votes out of a possible 55. That’s some amount of arse kissing done


He must have bought a case or two of Heineken with him, what a legend…


Does he have to step down from fai?


[quote=“Tayto, post:179, topic:1032, full:true”]
Does he have to step down from fai?
[/quote]Nope, gets to keep his €360k a year job and probably a few tracksuits as well.


No he’s not. Will be getting a 100k a year plus 300eur per day expensenes when on UEFA business on top of his €360k a year FAI salary


FFs sake - so the 300,000 salary is for a part time job, who knew.




:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:. C’mon Scotland.


Forgot Ireland were playing this evening. Draw is an okay result. Let me guess, we stank the place out but grabbed a goal from a hoof down the pitch?


Pretty much.

1 nil down and crap until Walters chased a ball down, barged past the defender and hammered it past the keeper from the edge of the box.