World Cup 2018 - Qualification


I see the fun police have been busy again. The supermarket quotes all removed.
Do I get a refund if I still have a receipt?


Would ya be bothered …


[quote=“beeko, post:148, topic:1032”]
Do I get a refund if I still have a receipt?
[/quote]If you’re not happy, Lever Brothers will give you your money back…


I’d say they voted for Brexit and all.


Proper order too.


Koeman had a dig at the FAI and O’Neill earlier over McCarthy.

O’Neill’s response



Wonder if McCarthy played for Ingerland would there be as much noise from Koeman.


Or if Koeman wasn’t still pissed at us because of 2001… Never liked the Dutch me!

I see where Chris Coleman tried to excuse ‘the tackle’ with something like “they started it first”. Twat


Fckin’ Dutch cnt.

Said Keane.


Koeman Responds


JD man of the people. No one has done more work for grassroots than him…


as if that hoor needs expenses.



Jesus Christ…



It’s a pity he wriggled out of the IOC mess … that said, I’m sure you wouldn’t have to dig far. Looked like very similar ticket distribution ‘systems’ …


I dunno, if I was with an underage team I wouldn’t mind changing with Steffi


The players look very uncomfortable in those photos.

Is anyone surprised the FAI treat them like this?


Nope. Sure the Mens weren’t treated all that greatly albeit not on this scale until Roy told some home truths before and during Saipan.


Delaney standing for election to UEFA Executive Committee today … he has all the skills to succeed at this one …