World Cup 2018 - Qualification


He didn’t mean to break his leg. To suggest otherwise is nonsense and you know it


Sorry buddy, but if you jump in like Bale and that other c**t did last night, you are creating a very real opportunity to break somebody’s leg. Horrible bastards! It was an attempt to do a player. Nothing else.


The return tie in Wales will probably be a bad tempered one as well . Taylor will have bulleye on his back , that’s if he’s not banned .


Don’t know about that. That’s the last qualifier. If we were to top the group and someone was sent off they’d miss the WC potentially. Similarly if it’s 2nd for us it would put them out of the playoff games.


Ah give over. If his leg didn’t break nobody would have mentioned it again like Keane on Haaland. Anyone who has played the game will tell you it was a stupid bad tackle but there was zero intent there


I’ll leave this then, as I never played the game, suffice to say, I disagree with your sentiment strongly.


I played the game, Neil Taylor was a few feet off the ground and followed through on that tackle. It’s an absolute shocker. If he had any decency, half way through that tackle he realises he messed up and pulls out. But no, he absolutely goes to do Coleman, whether he meant to break his leg or not is irrelevant. It’s a horrendous tackle, and he should pay for it


What amazes me is the composure Seamus kept after suffering that injury . I’ve never had a broken leg but have had a broken arm as a child and had a nasty knee injury where a piece of glass went in just below my knee cap . Those pictures are horrific . Hopefully the oxygen eased his pain a bit . And a big shout out to Shane Long , a brilliant team mate .Here’s hoping that’s not a career ending injury , a top pro & thoroughly likeable individual.


Hard to know if it was premeditated. There was an intention to get stuck in but to intentionally break an opponents leg is stretching it imo. The standing leg obviously amplified the injury but if you leave the floor in the manner he lunged at Coleman there is a decent chance damage will be the result. Players should know better.

Although saying that, Bale on OShea was brutal as well.


To lunge in like that with both feet off the ground Taylor had IMO only one intention and that was to injure Coleman.
He could have easily gone into that tackle with the same intensity to win the ball with both feet on the deck. Pure Malice.


China’s John Terry?


John Telly?


Surprised at his gaffe as he seems to be very good away from home normally …


did anyone bother watching the iceland match? … didnt think so


FAI were absolutely crazy to go head to head with Bondi Rescue on 3E and the Foster & Allen Show on TG4 …


I did for my sins . Was interesting to see the new guys . Calum O’Dowda looks like he might have something to offer in a few years .


Agree with you, O’Dowda has promise and is certainly worth getting another run out as is Daryl Horgan…

Thought Egan did ok as well for a 1st cap and while his foul led to the goal, I’d put that down more to the so-called wall defensive ducking. It was good to see a centre-half who was prepared to pass and play the ball to feet, rather than just hump it up the park. Just a pity some of his team-mates preferred to “hump it”

O’Kane, when he came on. brought a bit of composure & direction to midfield but wasn’t really on long enough to judge.


Hystercially we have a habit of getting rid of lads who have the temerity to pass or play the ball. Not the Irish way …


They were playing Icelands reserves, they ought to look decent.


and they were our reserves playing the reserves of of a team ranked one place above us, so they did well.