World Cup 2018 - Qualification


People moan about football but that was Shite


My young lad was watching it and I was going to join him but I’d have had to walk about seven yards across the kitchen so I didn’t bother. Good decision.


Dunphy is a laughing stock at this stage


He’s locked, surely he’s been drinking pints under the table all night?? I’m embarrassed for him watching this


Picture floating around twitter of Colemans leg mid air, would advise not going to look for said picture…


My eldest lad wanted to watch it tonight, and I’m glad I sat through it with him, it just re-enforced our games for him! That said, that f*g “tackle” on Coleman? WTF? The ball was well gone, and that nobody fk off player has possibly ended Coleman’s career?? I was absolutely disgusted that not one of the Irish lads went over and belted that ct!

That said, I’m glad for McLean. He was awesome tonight, and it was a tribute to his county men… Maith thu James!


McLean deserved his best of a bad lot :1st_place_medal:


Wouldn’t have happened if the ref had have had the balls to give Bale the red card he so thoroughly deserved for his “tackle” on O’Shea only seconds before.


I think they were in shock tbh , just look at Hendricks reaction . Saw a picture of it , absolutely horrendous . I haven’t seen the replay but I assume Coleman’s leg was planted for that to happen ?


Fucker Bale should have been off for the challenge on O’Shea right before the Coleman incident. Which if he had of been means the the Coleman incident doesn’t happen


Lost a lot of respect for the Welsh fans last night. Was sitting near the away end and they were clearly booing as Coleman was being strechered off. Horrible C*nts :rage:


Cardiff always famous for their lovely supporters.



It was a horrible tackle . His full body weight went into Colemans leg . No excuse for it regardless of Ireland’s strong arm tactics previously

But let’s not forget one of the Irish management ended someone’s career as well with a leg breaker .

I’ve always felt soccer is and was a sport inhabited by some very nasty characters . And last night re I forced that for me


Myth. It was an injury to the other leg that ended Haalands career. Haaland played for Norway the week after the tackle from Keane


Was just about to say that you beat me to it. Keanes tackle was pretty bad and premeditated but it did not end Haalands career.
Haaland attempted a law suit against Keane after he admitted in his book that he went out to do him but I don’t think it got anywhere.
I don’t know what that tackle has to do with what Taylor did to Coleman last night. Not sure what your point is.


All the same . It was a disgraceful tackle by Keane and it doesn’t legitimise it one bit because he’s Irish .
Soccer is inhabited by a lot of scumbags. One of them was playing for Wales last night and we’ve had a few in Irish jerseys as well
When a player actively goes looking to end someone’s career it should be a life ban. Taylor shouldn’t be allowed play the game again but when the likes of Keane’s incident was let slide - all Taylor will get is a slap on the wrist
Coleman is unlikely to ever be the same player again . Hardly justice in my view


Don’t believe I made any excuse for it. Merely pointing out it’s disingenuous to say he ended Halaand’s career.


Ah here. As annoyed as I was at the time there is no way on earth anyone can argue that was intentional. It was reckless but if you think he meant to break his leg you need your head examined Bart. It’s heartbreaking for Seamus but unfortunately these things happen.


He could have pulled out . He followed tight through