World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Don’t worry , Wes will come on & sort this .


They might sit back now, hopefully


One mistake and gets punished.


Ward is a huge liability. But we can play a bit of football now. This is not over yet …


It’s both full backs that are a liability and more so the right full who’s having a mare.


Our whole back 4 is a liability tonight, the worst defensive performance I can remember from us in a long time.


Both poor - but Ward giving away that ball was criminal


I’m not sure Russia is a good place to go for our set of fans -


We can all just get behind England …


Brady’s having a mare tonight .
Ward , Jesus nothing going right for him .


We’d be better off taking the two full backs off and playing with 9 men they’re playing that poorly


'13 '15 '16 and '17 aren’t bad either when you watch the last 10 minutes


Brady shocking last 10 minutes, lots of journey men in that 11.


I wish sisto had spent more time singing about thongs and less at the football coz he’s running amuck out there


Has to go with 3 at the back now and bring Wes and Long on.

If we get level with 15 to go we’ve a serious chance but problem is keeping them scoreless this half.


We have the option of bringing on O’Shea or McShane to shore up the defence , holy mother of god.
Move Brady back into defence & bring Wes on to ■■■■ .


Yep, no or never, danes aren’t great and have dropped the pace a bit so game there for the taking.


Denmark have taken foot off the pedal here




I’d be happy to go 2-2 at 75 and take it from there.