World Cup 2018 - Qualification


I think you’re taking the rule book of intentional hand ball far too literally. Very rare does a player go out of his way to deliberately handle the ball in the box. However, if your hand is away from your body and/or makes any kind of movement towards the ball a penalty is given 9 times out of 10. This incident had both.


Anyone think there were a few peno possibilities last night. And then ironically I’m not sure that Swiss one was a peno. Norn Iron may have been hard done by.


It’s sad when you resort to wind-up in the absence of ability or effort to give basic evidence. By the way I have seen the game. And you’re the only one referring to the elbow. I think you’d want to follow you’re own advice. You’re digging a hole with this refusal to show evidence. I can at least admit I might well be wrong if I’m shown the evidence, you’re just trying the old cocky bluff method.

Very entertaining stuff though. And I’ve also posted a detailed opinion of how I think the game could go, backed up with evidence. You seem to have spent the last two days posting trivial comments. A discussion is opinions backed up with detail. Not waffle.

As you were though, very enjoyable.


I.49 seconds into this clip shows the Chiellini elbow .He was already on a yellow .
You will need to use a VPN to watch the video as the content is in the us.
Stick that in your pipe & smoke it ya spoofer !


Can’t play it where I am. But I’ll look it up. Shame you’re resorting to personal digs.


Sorry but I’ve had enough of your nonsense to be honest .Not one person has agreed with you on any of the calls .Then you sort of claim I’m making up the Chiellini elbow because you haven’t seen it in any of your clips .Basically implying I made it up .Why the hell would I do that .
You’ll probably claim it wasn’t an elbow either when ya say see it .
As I said, your a spoofer .


Not even close to it. His arms were already out, as people do when balancing etc. Which is not to say it can’t be handball, btw. It could have been given, as I said. But it’s not clear/stonewall, as some claiming.


I presume Meyler will come back in for Arter and the rest will stay the same. For me Arter has to start


Again, getting personal just because I disagree with you. Had enough is right. “I’ll probably claim”. I’ve responded honestly and reasonably to everything I’ve seen and read. Have you?


I’ll strongly disagree with your interpretation (and refusal to actually look at the movement of his arms) and say that’s a stonewall penalty and was easier for the ref to see than the other Italian handball later in the half


Fuckin’ hell …


Perhaps O’Dowda could make way, with Hendrick moving over to the wing. Meyler will certainly be coming into the side.

I really hope Long comes in for Murphy. I’m not Long’s biggest fan but Murphy brings absolutely nothing to the table.


Both started against Wales. I think we’ll see a similar line up to the Wales game


Brady was suspended for the Welsh game.


I’d expect there’ll only be one change. As said above, O Dowda out and Meyler in. Brady out wide. Long O Dowda and Wes the 3 subs in. Unless were absolutely chasing the game and dare I say it but McGeady might come on.


Difference is Al , it’s not just me disagreeing with you , everybody who has responded to you is disagreeing with you .I stand by all I’ve said by what I’ve seen too .That fox clip is what I saw last night .They highlighted several penalty incidents .I watched another clip with Gabriel Marcotti , who is as staunch an Italian as you will see & he said there was two penalties apiece for Italy & Sweden which should have been given .I agree with their analysis .Then you imply that the Chiellini elbow is like some myth or something.Ive proved you wrong on that .You wanted facts & evidence , well I’ve provided that .


Badly exposed there .


Wading in here to say, stonewall peno, I’m sorry Al you’re wrong on this one. As for your claim that unbelievable wasn’t discussing his opinion with backed up fact and was instead just waffling, or implying that he made up the Chiellini elbow and then whipping out the “personal attacks” line when he calls you a spoofer…


For the Cardiff match? Brady played in that one defo.


Sorry, you’re right on that one. My bad.