World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Yes 4 people think there could be a peno , among those “thinking” I THINK it was a stone wall peno.


the one where he has his arm raised and extended which you said wasn’t the case? the first penalty shout at 12 mins shown first in the highlights here
It wasn’t ball to hand as it wasn’t a hard shot or anything like it


According to the mayogaa blog the ref is that well known cheat ‘Denmark Joe’. Apparently he refs all their A v B games, lives in Copenhagen, only drinks Carlsberg and has a helmet with two horns on it.


Can’t play that video. I’ve watched multiple highlights of the game at this stage, haven’t see one video of any Chiellini elbow. If the handball is the one I’ve seen (or either of the two I’ve seen), whether it’s a ‘hard shot’ or not is irrelevant. Sure look, I’ll post what I have seen, seeing as none of yous can provide any evidence whatsoever:

So this is the first one I’ve found that shows a handball incident (around two minutes in) that could arguably be a peno. It wasn’t a peno though, reason being the defender already had his arms out.



Joedar the Viking?


This is the ref tonight , interesting article on why he became a ref .


thats the video I was showing you so hardly no one showing no evidence. Pretty sure everyone else disagrees with your interpretation of it.

Being a hard shot or not is not irrelevant. It determines whether a player can move their hand out of the way or not and you can see in both real time and slow motion that he moves his arm towards the flight of the ball.


Here’s an excerpt from Hamlet, to get everyone warmed up for the massive winner-takes-all game:


Oh , so you didn’t see it so you assume it shouldn’t be a sending off , riiiiggghhht .The highlight compilation I saw last night on fox showed it as well as the four incidents of penalty , each one they said should have been a peno . So you have 2 co commentators who picked out these incidents as well as Gabriel Marcotti ( an Italian journalist ) who also said there should have been 4 penalties awarded .Sorry Al but I think on this occasion I’ll go by what these guys are saying .


You were obviously talking about another incident & not Chiellini.


I’ve now posted an actual video. Oh, yet to see ANYTHING from you. Sorry, but I’ll go by what I’ve seen, which, as I’ve said a few times now, has been multiple videos/highlights.

As you were though, very entertaining intransigence.


Hey , if I could post the video of what I saw last night I would .But when you have so many people disagreeing with you maybe it’s time to just take the hit on this one .
Not one person has agreed with you on this despite all the videos you have posted . Possibly , because YOUR wrong & so is your interpretation of each penalty shout .


That’s a penalty all day long in the modern game.


This Chiellini ‘blatant elbow incident’ is taking on the realms of the Dubs dragging every Mayo player down at the end of the All-I Final.

Meanwhile in the land of reality, Italy quite unlucky considering all the half-chances they created, never got a break of the ball. Sweden well able to dive. But they can’t jive, not like the Danes anyway:


Either that or the locals believed you flew with Ryanair to Paris (Nantes).


I’ve only posted one video (from the game).


Al , I think you might want to take a rest from this until the match tonight .Your talking about something which you didn’t see , saying it wasn’t a sending off .
Your logic now is totally out the window just as your interpretation of the penos .


Can’t wait for this game


As I said, I couldn’t play it. And yes it is irrelevant, for example, a close proximity to a standard movement of the ball would still be impossible for a player to avoid. Methinks you’re beholden to super-slow-mo which makes everything look clear but actually isn’t, in real-time


beholden to super slow mo despite stating I felt it’s a handball in real time. Try to read the post at least

As for close proximity, that’s not the rules. It’ whether a player could move their hand out of the way and so the speed of the ball is what is relevant as well as proximity.

In the video you played, can you really not see the players arm swing forward in real time?not the slow mo replay but in real time, you can clearly see him bring his arm around in a windmill motion