World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Two completely accidental handballs and a completely accidental collision? I think not. They didn’t do enough, Conti was a loss to them, might have driven them on to get a goal or not concede in Sweden.

Still, they are the sort of team that often knocks out more talented teams in the WC finals so no bad thing, could be a more attacking finals, Sweden won’t be able to defend like that against Germany or Spain or any other very talented, attacking team.


Not so, completely accidental, watch the replays, arms not raised or moved towards ball in either case.


Good song for you tonight, “The hoof, the hoof, the hoof is on fire…”


You mean, Ventura gets the highway?


Accidental , sorry but I don’t think you saw the same incidents I saw . Chiellini elbowed one of the players , red all day long after he was carrying a yellow.


Listening to the Danish manger on Morning Ireland. Sounding extremely cocky. Hopefully he won’t be so cocky later tonight


I think he said from what I saw yesterday that Denmark are in the driving seat because we don’t have the away goal .


He would be right I suppose but we only have to win by 1. All to play for and this no option but to try win the game scenario seems to suit us . Shane Long to end his drought in style tonight and get both goals in a 2-0 win. Here s hoping.


There’s opinions and then there’s blindness. That was deffo handball in the 1st half. Arm outstretched and moved towards the ball. Stonewall peno if ever there was!


Evidence your honour? There’s none so blind as those that will not see.


he definitely made a slight movement towards the ball. Instinctive as much as anything I reckon but a penalty


Listened to Gabriel Marcotti this morning , said there was two penalty shouts for Sweden & Italy which I agreed with yesterday .
Reading back , 4 people think there could have been peno, Al thinks otherwise :joy:.




Be interesting to see the tactics if the Danes score first or early. Does MON stick to route one or has he another trick up his sleeve


Ask Al , he’s part of the Mon / Roy Keane ticket .


Neigh. Still waiting for evidence. While you’re typing dismissive comments I’ve been looking at extended highlights, and yet to see anyone posting clips of said “stonewall” incidents


And your evidence is…? I’ve seen one possible penalty, the tackle by a Swedish player in the box in the first half, got the ball but also upended the Italian player.


Slight movement? If it’s the incident I saw, there’s no way on earth you could say it was intentional, split second ball to arm, which in super-duper slow-mo shows his arm moving ever so slightly. As arms tend to do. Anyway.
The ball-to-arm movement is by far the more significant factor.


This is a bit of a revision of your previous “Sweden were denied ,as you say , at least two stone wall penos”.


Al , I watched the highlights last night on Fox .I listened with my ears & watched with my eyes to what the highlights showed me .In the commentary they highlighted 4 potential penos as well as Chiellini elbow after he was on a yellow .
I’m not sure what you’ve been watching but when you have four DIFFERENT people saying here there was potential penos I think you might wanna rethink what your saying .