World Cup 2018 - Qualification



Buffon absolutely distraught

Pity arguably one of the greatest keepers of all time had to bow out like this


Ha , fair play to Sweden :rofl:


Can’t understand why teams like Italy want to pass the ball to death. Just hoof the shagging thing up top and hope for the best. Buffon is never gonna concede at home so just lump it into their box and hope for the best. Law of averages plus holy water plus rosary beads means there’s you’re bound to score a goal.


Go back to making puns , they were kinda of amusing on a juvenile level :rofl:


I believe I called it, sort of anyway

Edit: Entirely actually. They certainly only snook through.


If Sweden went out it would have been up there with northern Ireland Imo. Two Stone wall handballs. Uefa ref doing his best to keep Italy in it if you ask my cynical self.


Should have stuck to being a pet detective !!!


It was ridiculous , both sides could have had penos but Sweden were denied ,as you say , at least two stone wall penos . How Chiellini stayed on the pitch is baffling .Some seriously dodgy refs around ATM .Must check to see whose doing the Ireland match tomorrow.


For sure. I’d have serious concerns we’ll be done in by something dodgy tomorrow night.

Or maybe that’s the ghost of Stare de France 09 rearing it’s head again.


Fixed that …


Nah the Danes aren’t one of the big guns like the French are. I’d have no worries in that regard


Ah I’m closer to the paranoid spectrum than the cynical one these days!

We should be good, but as I said once bitten and all that…


I remember (just about) waking up in Parisian Chinatown the next afternoon in absolute bits. Myself and a mate couldn’t get a (affordable) flight home till the Saturday. Sitting in a bar having a cure and the front page of L’Equipe with Henry reeling off in celebration and the words ‘Le Main De Dieu’ blazed across below him. Don’t speak French but still didn’t need to google the translation.

Went for a walk after a couple of pints looking for the Bastille. Took us an hour or two to find out it had been knocked down over a century beforehand!

Were heading back to the Irish bar later that evening when the night befores Kronenburg decided to make a reappearance. Leg it to the nearest bar and spent the guts (see what I did there) of an hour redecorating this nice French bathroom the way only a 24 hours foreign gargle can do. Chattin/apologising to the bar man afterwards. He’d spent a few years in Bondi with a few Irish yahoo’s. He felt so bad over the night befores ordeal he gave us a few free (6euro a pop) beers before we headed off to do it all over again.

Gave our hand of god sob story to a football mad taxi man from Auxerre on the way back in to town and he gave us a free fare!

Funny times, oh to be young and stupid again. Oh wait…


Hopefully it’s Antonio Lambe…always the man for the big game.


Class! :joy::joy::joy:


Stop, it was ridiculous. Exhibit A of the blind leading the blind.

All started the day before to be fair. Had to fly to Nantes and TGV it up to Paris. Walking around Nantes in Ireland jerseys and tri colours at 9am that morning. A few kind locals felt the need to come over and tell us the match was on in a different city! They genuinely thought we were that simple that we’d ended up in the wrong place. Maybe they were on to something.


After what’s happened the last couple of days anything is possible.


I went down to the local chipper and it was closed with the black blinds down. Mario just came out then and I asked him was it because they didn’t qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 60 years?

No he said - it’s 11.30.


Gist of this is that Di Rossi is telling a member of the coaching staff that Insigne should come on instead of him as they need a win , not a draw .
Crazy !