World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Only way to pick apart simplistic, stubborn arguments is with detail. This whole “so you’re saying they can’t pass it 5 yards?” stuff is like the “American” guy to Colin Farrell in the restaurant in the film In Bruges: “Just saying Vietnam over and over again isn’t going to make any more sense out of it!”

For the record I think yis are both wrong. Ireland cannot play a passing game against any team that doesn’t allow them space and time, if they tried they would concede chances and goals too easily.

And Ireland will not “go for it” tomorrow night in any contrasting way to sunday night, they will play pretty much exactly the same way, barring some very unexpected shift in the way the Danes decide to play. If they are patient, Ireland will have to be at least equally patient. Penalties very likely.


Agree fully with you. Very simplistic to say if you can pass the ball five yards you can keep possession, sure I can do that, should I play for Ireland? There are opposition players on the pitch too as well which Dub09 is seemingly forgetting.

Also agree that there’s no way we’ll “go for it” on Tuesday, and agree that we didn’t at all go for it against Wales either. Which is fine, that’s our tactics and they’ve worked more often than not so far for O’Neill

Anyways, that’s the last time I admit to agreeing with you :wink:


I played an awful lot of soccer and disagree with your simplistic notions. I am not talking about being cavalier or losing shape or pushing up and leaving gaping holes at the back. I fully understand why we play the shape we do when we don’t have the ball. The issue is why we have so little of he ball.

Now if I can be simplistic with you three - Dunphy, Giles and Brady - I am suggesting that rather than hoof the ball into the opposing half at every opportunity we try to pass it - a basic rudiment of the game. By doing this it should help our defence and also make the opposition work harder and means we could also possibly build attacks where we can get men up in support. It’s not rocket science.

Most of our players do this every weekend in England. If it is as you all say - that our players are incapable of passing to a team mate (and yes it is a fairly simple task mostly) then they have no real business in Russia.


But I certainly agree we won’t go for it … that’s for sure.


We hoof mainly when we are under pressure, in other words, get rid if there’s a serious chance of losing it in any sort of danger area or if there’s any danger we get caught on the break.
We hot long ball into ‘areas’ up front, which is not hoofing.

And don’t be turning the simplistic tag on me, you’re the one saying “all we do is hoof it”, and that “we should just pass the ball around a bit and everything will be fine”.

Anyway down to brass tacks, who/how will either side get a breakthrough, barring a bad ref decision or a terrible mistake? I think the stage is set for Robbie Brady if he plays. You’d have to question though will we have the legos to beat them?


Now now - if I’m being simplistic then so are you. All we do is hoof it - that’s a fact - and I never said if we pass it everything will be fine - so less of the facetiousness please.

Hard to call it other than to say it won’t be pretty …


Sure look, even if we don’t qualify we still have the best fans in the world. That has to be as good as qualifying for the world cup.


I heard yesterday that Paddy Power had a special on the match Saturday night. Shane Long to get a shot on target was 2/1. Had I have known that on Saturday I would have lost a few quid


Our fans don’t sing singingly anymore, they just shout it. It’s awful to listen to. Surely they can string a five line verse together.


You is morer simples as me.


Like a couple of bald men fighting over a comb :rofl:
It’s amazing at all that we’ve managed to win games by not going to try & score . Can’t keep possession , can’t pass the ball , just hoof it in desperation .Yet 90 minutes away from qualification .Bonkers altogether , Mon is a genius !


It’s his fault because it’s nearly impossible to pass the ball without a gap between the defence and midfield. That’s tactical imo, and a wholly justifiable one away from home against equal and better opposition. It’s fine against world class teams at home too. At other times players just panic and hoof it because they are told to take no risks.

Bar the Georgia game I think away from home MoN has called it spot on. But if he doesn’t at least attempt to make an impression tomorrow i think all the endeavour in Copenhagen could be wasted. Afford similar chances and the likelihood is Denmark will score. Ireland will probably need two goals and I think MoN recognises that and will act accordingly. Ireland will keep it tight when they have to but hopefully will attack and push up the field when the opportunities arise.

It will probably be a long torturous watch but the game is winnable but impossible to call imo.


But but but 5 yards …


The Danes could risk a little more because they only need one goal even if we score one. Let’s say they do risk a bit, and Ireland score. Naturally depending on how long is left in the game they eventually would have to push up more, risking another goal though with Ireland’s lack of great quality it’s very unlikely we score 2 goals against them assuming they don’t go mad.

On the other side of the coin, as MON has spoken of, Ire can’t afford to defend too deeply even with a lead. At least, not unless it’s the last few minutes. So how much do the Danes want to avoid penalties? Given that if the nick a goal at any stage over 120 minutes they are 90-95% to go through, I’d have my money on 0-0 at 90 minutes. Im not sure if either team would have an advantage if it goes to penos, Danes maybe because more pressure on home players?


Have you switched your allegiance to Denmark now since Mayo have been knocked out of the AI :joy:.Dooooooommmmmeeeedddd


Italy knocked out , worst team in years tbh .


Italy gone … :joy:

Ivory Coast gone …

Ireland … similar flags … ?! :flushed:


Amazing defensive performance from Sweden. Ventura will be lucky not to be lynched tonight.


Swiss and Danish flags very similar…


Looked at mini highlights on Fox Sports , ref had a shocker .Could have been about 4 penos and a couple of sending offs .