World Cup 2018 - Qualification


He’s probably the Healy Rae of Russian politics


Maybe but we had a Russian minister congratulating their hooligansim in Marseilles last summer.


Surprised we didn’t have a semi naked bloke on a horse wading into the middle of it …


He’s too busy deciding who will win the french and German elections.


Shane Duffy missing through injury and Robbie Brady suspended while Bale is back fit for Wales.

Big ask to get the win on March 24th considering we seem to play better away from Lansdowne.


Walters is back for us. The man would run through a brick wall for Ireland :clap:


Hopefully Real will find some injury or another in Bale and withdraw him.


Delaney really is a shameless fucker. Would love to know who’s paying for her to be there as doubt many of the other delegates have their wives or girlfriends there


Delaney probably has both his wife and girlfriend there?


Nah he’s divorced from the wife a good few years


Get over yourself rob ffs


Rob Harris? Yeah I’d take that with a pinch of salt.


imagine tweeting that someone told you to bog off - bleedin snowflake.


Eh it’s his GF who shouldn’t be there. He’s at an official UEFA conference and accredited. Entitled to ask questions. JD never answers them unless their fawning questions from that gobshite Barry Egan. Would love to know who’s paying for her to be there.


Corruption in soccer, well i never.


Depends where and how the questioning took place. If it was in a hotel where he was having private time with his partner and Harris came over all obnoxious well then she’s every right to tell him to do one. Whether she’s on a freebie or not is irrelevant, most partners of CEOs travel with them to these events.


First LoI supporter I ever saw defending that man …


There has been a bit of a shift in the last two years with his and the FAIs attitude towards the league. I can’t go into too much detail but from our last couple of EGMs and AGMs it’s clear he’s doing a bit of decent work for once in terms of the league.

Plus I wasn’t defending him, I was defending his delightful missus :heart_eyes:


Nice to see a man earning €360k attempting to do his job alright …


Love that sound bite they used to play on Second Captains about Delaney .

"He could run anything " by some journo

Then another belter where he must have been talking to somebody and says " oh don’t forget , I’m off to see the Queen tomorrow " :joy: