World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Can’t complain really. We were lucky against Austria at home and woeful against Georgia away. We went for negativity and got found out. No complaints.


Exactly. We can’t complain really. Dunphy going on about the omission of Meyler now as if he’s Zinedine feckin Zidane,. he might be a bit more positive then Whelan but he struggles to get game time for Hull City for god’s sake.


That isn’t the point . Look at NI . A lot of their players are not even with Premier League teams .
But the manager gets more out of them . Because he picks a consistent team . If Ireland had a proper striker they could actually be relatively competitive with a manager who would look at passing the ball


A better performance than Saturday but our players are just not up to the level required. Granted we should have had a penalty but that apart the few half chances we created were badly finished. The truth is we don’t have a proven goalscorer, oh for a 20 year old Robbie Keane


It’ll be a real pity for World Peace if we don’t get to Russia. I could picture our fans in the Kremlin melting Putin’s cold heart with their own version of The Russians Love Their Children Too. Or singing cheap vodka laden lullabies to sleepy tots on a train. Or changing car tyres for Russian Orthodox nuns. Or helping babushkas across the road with their shopping .,

It just won’t be the same without us …


I don’t like Russian dolls. They’re so full of themselves.


Major boost for Ireland. I still think Seamus Coleman’s absence has been massive for both Ireland and Everton. Hard to have sympathy for Wales given how Coleman’s injury came about. Karma, perhaps?


Doesn’t make a difference. Ireland will struggle to beat Moldova and get anything in Wales. Even if they did somehow mange to pick up 6 points in the final two games they are still depending on a few teams dropping points in other groups to have any chance of making a playoff. No wins in 2017 up to now, I know its only four games but not a great record given two games were at home.

It would be nice to see the team to be allowed to play football and see how they get on instead of hoofing the ball down the field


this is the real issue. that georgia away game, the austria game where we dropped points, will be the reason why we dont qualify.

O’Neill has as much faith in the squad as Trapattoni, he just doesn’t say it to anyone. He will cling on to saying “well we were 4th seed in a very tough group” next week when we have a big hole in the summer soccer wise. Its bullshit, we proved we could be a clear second and a good chance of winning a playoff.


The bigger issue is we are crap . Even Nobody’s like wales have two world class players - we have none


Two ?

Ramsey is a great player but he’s not world class


I presume he meant Ashley Williams.


Bang average without Bale , they are overachieving like we used to do .


I think Seamus Coleman is capable of something approaching “world class” if he was at a Champions’ League-playing club.


Why isn’t he at a champions league club though
And in reference to Ramsey above . World class probably stretching it . But he’s been a first choice player at a top club
We have first choice players at Burnley …


We are plain average but thats not the real issue imo. We made our own bed with the Austria and Georgia performances who themselves are no world beaters. There was a realistic chance of topping a group with no outstanding team and now they will probably be left with the sour feeling of never having really given it a proper go.


Fair point. I reckon he’s a far better defender and player in general than Kyle Walker, however. I think Coleman’s nationality tells against him.


His leg break hasn’t helped him. I reckon United would have been in for him in the summer. Mourinho a fan of him apparently. Had a look at him when he was managing Chelsea as well


Feckin murhino will ruin him (there’s my soccer comment for this quarter)


O’Neill staying on until Euro 2020