World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Yup , thats how it normally goes .Of course all will be forgiven and if we win tonight .What we need is to take the lead in the 90th minute , then a result might be confirmed .


Jaysus is the game in Mayo??


People have complained constantly about every coach we’ve had since Charlton. McCarthy only became popular after Keane became the enemy. McCarthy had much better players available than Trap, who also had better players to some extent than MON.

The delusions about the Irish soccer team are endless. People have short memories. Countries with better and stronger football traditions than us don’t qualify for finals at times.

The NI O’Neill is a real talent. There aren’t many managers like him.


My point is not about the style or system we play, you can like that or hate it, but no system in the world instructs players to kick the ball straight out of play for no other apparent reason other than they just did not seem capable of kicking it anyway accurately, that is unacceptable for a professional regardless of what level or system he is playing at.


True bigp, the lack of skill at times is astonishing.


Expected sellout tonight , heard premium tickets over a €100 a pop .How much are they in Croker ?

Meyler & Wes in , that’s promising !


This is a lot better , get stuck into them .Wes raises every bodies game just by been on the pitch .


Much better, bit of energy about the team in general and more guile with wes. Having said that, they created the only clear cut chance so far.


Doesn’t look sold out, can make out the text on the seats in the stand so must be a fair few empty seats.


Fai fudging the attendance’s again perhaps .I got that info from one of their tweets a couple of days ago .


Bollox :japanese_ogre:


Fup that anyway. A promising campaign gone to the dogs in the space of 3 games.


Well , they gave a good account of themselves so I’m Happy with that .And we were denied a stone wall peno.All we can hope for is the spirit of the '09 rugby team and pull out a victory in Cardiff .They still have Georgia which could be tricky for them.


Not sure why panel are saying Serbia only had one chance, should’ve scored on the first half as well, by far more he two best chances of the match. We should have had a peno tho.


How in the name of jaysus is Cyrus Christie playing International football?

He can’t even get the ball past the first man.

We’d be better off with Miley Cyrus.


It should be called cheatingball. . . .All of them are swan lake diving bastages.
It’s all about 3 in a row . . . COYBIB


Billy ray Cyrus would have more effective then Robbie Brady as well


James McClean … why …


Sounds like the name of a fella you would expect to find on Con Air with Nicolas Cage .


even if we win the two remaining games to go to 19 points, it is being said it may not be enough and we will be the lowest 2nd placer and out. need bosnia to take 4 points in their last two games and greece not to win against cyrpus.

as "michael D2 said on gift grub this morning “have to take the feckin calculators out for this shower again on the last day!!”