World Cup 2018 - Qualification


I don’t think they have reached that level yet Rochey.


Hope CCCC deals with this absolute disgrace.


Giving our own journeyman a pass here but looking at Ingerland tonight and the greed and attitude and thinking about the hurling final yesterday - bloody hell is all I can say … life can be quite unfair …


I know, imagine not knowing about the GAA, most unfair on the English.


Stan Collymore is a fan though …


You been hacking Daller’s profile again? I suppose she’s not bad for a woman who can’t find her arse from her elbow. :wink:

Don’t know why people get upset about the Irish team or MON. That was always going to be what we would get with those players and that coach, to some extent. Georgia have been close or very close to getting results against us on several occasions. We were awful against them the last time in Tblisi as well, only a bit of individual brilliance in injury time got us that win.

With the players we have and the limitations of O’Neill it’s probably best we are going into the Serbian game with backs against the wall to some extent. No way were we winning that game otherwise, and part of it is the history and culture of Irish team sport. If we do get a win then Georgia will be forgotten. Alot will still hinge on the 2nd last games but it’s likely if we beat Serbia we will need a draw in Cardiff to have a chance to win the group.

If we need a win in Wales then it’s good night. The group is so tight now alot of the remaining games will finish as draws. If one of the other top three teams don’t get wins against Georgia or Moldova will everybody be having massive post-mortems about their teams and coaches? Anyway it will probably be a barnstorming performance this week and hopefully a win.


We have inferior players to Northern Ireland ? The pass the ball Al. They don’t hoof


I included MON’s limitations. The other O’Neill is talented, no doubt. Can’t believe he hasn’t pulled a better job yet


I know we are limited and playing in lower divisions, but these players are professional footballers and should at least be able to put 3 passes together or keep the ball in play rather than hitting it staright over the side line when under no pressure.


If you were watching the Georgia match & knew nothing about either team or where they were ranked your be hard pushed to believe Ireland were the higher ranked team . We spectacularly over achieve for the squad & football we play . I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed watching them , the style of play is awful .Trap was spot on in that we could only play to our level .If Wales were to lose out on a playoff playing the way they do would be a travesty .


How do you mean? Do you not think the quality of our players is as good as Wales and probably better than NI?


No , I dont tbh . And you can tell that from how we perform . On paper we should be better but has much changed since trap left ? We will be lucky to get a result against Wales . Sure even Scotland looked world class against Ireland on their own turf. .
We are dominated by teams , its almost embarrassing at times .


Surely it’s down to how we are told to perform and set out tactically ? We played nice football under Mick Mc.

Ps have no problem with Wales not qualifying … for anything … ever …


Here’s the squad from 2002 that played Germany

Republic of Ireland Team
Shay Given, Steve Finnan, Gary Breen, Stephen Staunton (captain) (Kenny Cunningham 87), Ian Harte (Steven Reid 73), Gary Kelly (Niall Quinn 73), Matt Holland, Mark Kinsella, Kevin Kilbane, Robbie Keane, Damian Duff.
Substitutes not used: Lee Carsley, Gary Connolly, Richard Dunne, Alan Kelly, Dean Kiely, Jason McAteer, Clinton Morrison, Andy O’Brien.

Here’s who we had against Georgia

Randolph; Christie, Duffy, Clark, Ward; Whelan (Murphy, 78), Arter (McGeady, 61); Walters, Brady, McClean, Long.

Stark difference in quality there .How many of the '02 team starting for & playing in the Premiership compared to who are playing now . We dont have the players & thus play the system we do because of it .

I’ve no gra for Wales either but if you are a fan of decent quality football I know who I’d prefer to win or qualify .


It’s ugly but reasonably effective. Take the win over Germany, we were haunted to win that game. We seem to play for 15 minutes, nick a goal and then stink the place out for the remained of the match.


That’s the whole point .Why in gods name do we sit back when we take a lead. Its almost like a script now to how we play .The opposition dont need to do any homework on us .


at some point the jammy goals will dry up and it’ll end in tears. watch tonight, we’ll be hoping to score of a hoof, a lucky bounce, a corner or a free.


There is no reason why we cannot play better football. Possession is king in international football yet we hoof it away at every opportunity. Plenty of very ordinary players in 2002 also. If the other O’Neill was manager we’d at least be watchable.


I’d have any of them in ahead of what we have now .


I will in me hoop …