World Cup 2018 - Qualification


Another snoozefest…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Was watching ladies semi instead. Soccer team are shocking to watch …


Alot of them pulling bin between 10and 20k a week as well ,we are absolutly poison to watch .


Not bad pay for refuse men. :wink:

I think it’s going to be a brutal WC Finals anyway and we’re better off out of it.


Wales win 1-0 … and the way they played will beat us in the last game of the group. That said we could be out of the running before then!!


Shudder watched that. Mayo beat cork?


Saw some of the game this evening. Shocking tactics, but a decent last 15/20 mins where we could have snatched it. Some very ordinary players in that team.


Life is not fair is it


They did indeed. Delighted for the classless Ephie …


Brutal on the English fans and I’ll have a look :grinning:


I don’t agree the Georgia game was about the players. Against Germany its about the players, not Georgia. It’s the managers decision to set his team up with 2 banks of 4 camped just outside the irish penalty area. Your left with no room to manoeuvre, no outlet and 3/4 of the pitch given up unopposed to the opposition. A MoN team is difficult to beat but that was caveman football of the worst order.


Can’t watch it at all … shocking stuff … Tyrone are more attractive …


Young lad watching Ingerland here … more sh1te. Harry Kane is the greediest fooker I ever saw. Oxtail Chambermaid another greedy sod will turn out to be a great bit of business for Arsenal. You’d think with their population and place on the medals table they wouldn’t be 1 down to Slovakia …


Its September , he’s allowed to score now .


England are quare useless


Kane totally overrated and the ultimate me feiner.

Norn Iron 1 up too against Czech Rep. How come they can play decent football? … and they all left footers as well …


It’s the huge population and budget they have


Split them in two … no …wait …


International football is just muck. England are woeful - full of greedy players out for themselves. Front players were a disgrace.