World Cup 2018 - Qualification


How do we keep getting away with it? Can’t just be flukes


It’s pretty disingenuous to say it was just that. We were very poor in the 1st half, poor team selection IMO. Ireland dominated the last half hour of the game, had 2 goal line clearances, a goal disallowed and a probable penalty not given. I watched it through half shut eyes however, a very tired buachaill!

EDIT: Sorry, meant to add, they seem to get something out of other games they don’t deserve because of team spirit, that Martin O’Neill has managed to do with other teams in the past. Seems to be a good motivator and man manager.


Get him in to the Dublin hurling set up quick!!:wink:


True, I am being over-critical. But they were gash mostly.


Have we gone back to the days when you just bundle everything over the goal line to score??? Jesus the whinging. It was a free out all day long :roll_eyes:


and no need to jump as early. He might have been better off leaving it to Walters. Hard to see how the defender could clear it well with even a small amount of pressure


Austrian lad says it wasn’t. Too many wooly woofters in soccer ball these days


If Diego Costa had 10% of Jon Walters attitude, he’d be genuinely world class. Nothing but 100% admiration for Walters.


This might bring it down to 99% :slight_smile:


Beeko is Chairman of the Dublin Conservative Club …


Do they still hold their annual conference in a phone box?


You might just be right!


51 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2.


I’m now proud to say I now know two Stoke Supporters.


Bloody hell, he fell off the face of the earth. Whatever happened to him?


Once again we seem the far inferior team skill wise but we’re winning somehow.


Draw. Meh.


Bereft of real quality unfortunately . That’s why our players are with Burnley , Bournemouth , Aston Villa and derby


We made Georgia look like Brazil


But players that are with any professional football team should at least be able to do the basics right, I mean how many times did we kick the ball straight out of play.:open_mouth: