Who can be Dublins next "super club"


Raheny would be in without a shout too in terms of doing well in both codes surely? Won senior B in hurling, lost by a point to Boden in senior B final and also were in the playoffs to go up to div 1 in both codes, both pretty young teams too


So on successful dual code clubs, how many players are nailed on starting 15 dual players… on their first teams??.


The club dual player at senior level is pretty much a thing of the past now. It’s too difficult to manage both at the top level. We’d 1 guaranteed starter for both last year & none the year before. However, we’d have maybe 5 other lads capable of being in the first 15 of both.


Of the starting 15 that beat you in the hurling final we had 4 guaranteed starters for the Senior football team and 1/2 others on the bench.
We’ve then 4 lads that started that day that are all starters on the afl 5 side who will be afl 4 next year. And probably 5 lads on the bench that would play for that side too.


One could manage inter one code and senior alternative at but dual senior high codes is almost impossible .

Having said that we shoukd have had another probably starting the senior football also


Much the same with us. 5 starters and another 3/4on the bench. I don’t think it’s a runner really


Not in senior A / div1 can be managed at the lesser intensity I reckon alright


Ruairí Trainor from Vincent’s plays both, and he’s in his 30’s…


Agreed but doesn’t start on football though.

Ronan Joyce consistently starts both codes in Judes and won’t see 30 again either


What about fingallians? They have serious numbers at underage, and a massive population. Although the hurlers are intermediate. I can see them rising up through the leagues in a few years.


Swords and luck have unreal tracts of lands still to build on along with significant developments of the last 15 years… but will the kids go back to their parents clubs ??


Wisła Kraków? Legia Warsaw? Sparta Prague?


Greater chance of snaring a pole or s czech than getting a son of Vincent’s




I was very young around these times, had an uncle on the teams and went to pretty much all the games league & champo.

Don’t remember the mechanics of how we lost, I do remember Dave Billings bringing the cup back to the clubhouse one year though.



With the inter county leagues finishing earlier this year will it have any effect on the start dates of the club leagues and championships? Will I dare to say we might see more inter county lads playing league games for their clubs? Some clubs obviously need their county players to progress in the leagues. The higher the league you compete in the better for the club overall, especially if you have clubs competing for players.

I can see it being said to younger lads(if it already is not being said) “Do you want to play division 5 hurling and intermediate championship or do you want to play division 1 football and senior A football championship”


Slaughtneil !


Total anomaly