Who can be Dublins next "super club"


I presume they mean success related at all levels


Are they though??

Clubs mentioned above (Setanta, Whitehall, Na Fianna,Faughs) are all playing Senior A, Castleknock aren’t competing at the business end of senior B and are now in the third tier of league.
I honestly don’t think they will be a force in hurling


I think Castleknock done a Pillar and lads gave up hurling to focus on football. No hope of them improving in hurling if that remains their stance


Considering how new they are, they’re doing really well but still have a way to go to be challengers in the hurling.

Not sure about the definition of super club, are we talking clubs fielding 40+ teams or are we talking about becoming challengers at senior level?

NaFianna would appear to have a serious crop of young players coming through, but can they be brought through and will they have as good a spread of talent 1-15 like cuala currently have? With the younger currie to come into senior yet as well.

Brigids were pretty strong this year, if they find another few players they’d be close?


Castleknock have competed in d1 Hurling at u13, u15, and u16 winning the u15 league
played u14 D2.

it doesnt guarantee anything but is a fair indicator of direction club will be in 10 years time


But if they are being made choose football or hurling at adult level then like most clubs hurling will suffer


Sounds like Kilmacud Crokes before the big turn around in their fortunes and the hurling crowd stood up to be counted. Lets hope something similar happens in Castleknock.


Are more hurling only clubs needed…or do people think the crokes model works best? Faughs have made huge strides. Commercials should be doing more really, theres a big population out there. I think they may be gettin it together a bit at underage…did they win juvenile club of the year at fodh awards last year?


a properly adminstered and run dual club with no positive bias towards football is quite ok… Judes have been able to make senior semi finals both codes recently as an example. No Crokes like division in the club albeit we only a relatively small club in the scheme of things

Faughs are really the twin club of TSS except the parents get hit with 2 sets of membership fees


Thats the ideal world and itd be fantastic if it happened but 90 percent of the clubs in Dublin the football team seems to be the main team in the club. Realistically faughs, commercials, setanta, real dearg, Boden, craobh, o tooles, cuala, finbarrs, crokes and maybe one or two more the hurling team in the club is on par with the football team. But its a poor relation in many clubs and lads just dump it after minor.


i just named one that made senior semi finals in 2014 and 2015 both codes ( and should have in 2016 also) , Lucan hurling is ahead of football.

Realt Dearg and Setanta are a fine set up but are you mentioning them in the same breath as senior clubs who have maintained senior dual status for several years ??


Not sure its just hurling lads are dumping after minor nowadays. The number of lads that just walk out the gate and don’t come back for anything at minor is staggering. I presume its not only happening in my club?


True in Vincents sadly.

Last championship in 1993 an awfully long time for a club that was competitive throughout the decades before the 90’s.

think we’ve lost 4/5 finals since then, including sore losses to the packed UCD sham teams.


but ye are back strong again in hurling as we know to our cost… there will never be totally equal status for hurling in most clubs as we are in a county that no matter how the DCB dresses it up football gets preferential treatment but those clubs who want to promote hurling as an equal are getting the rewards


I fear alot of that was down to the pretty stellar managment ticket we had this year.

Unfortunately if we don’t get the right man in we could slide back to mediocrity.

Judes would be one of the most equal clubs in Dublin in terms of hurling/football imo from the outside looking in


No im talking about the main sport in the club. Regardless of the level. Judes football would surely be the main one…id be hopeful they will improve again now danny is back but theyve made a good few semi finals in football in last few years. Lucan probably would be more hurling at this stage.


suppose point i’m making is club has to set structures up that arent pro or biased towards football if hurling is to flourish. we’ll never have a nirvana of every parent, child, mentor and adminstrator being totally ecumenical
yes in Judes adult teams 4 football and 3 hurling teams, probably representative of the numbers countywide. and we have made plenty of football semi finals but twice as many hurling as football finals so stats can be massaged to suit any argument

Hurling even being the 2nd sport in a club would still be stronger a hurling product there than a lot of the clubs you listed as hurling dominant or exclusive…


You were hardly world beaters this year in fairness


i thought Vincents did really well in Senior hurling this year… you have a high bar see saw


Moan moan , but I seem to remember getting a shocking over the goal line decision in one of those finals V UCD , am I selectively remembering Brogan ?