Who can be Dublins next "super club"


The Donaghmore-Ashbourne lads end up at Na Fianna anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And Ratoath …:wink:


It’s been that way for a long time unfortunately. A lot of my minor team for example stopped playing right before adult level. Think only 3 still play including myself, with only 1 making the Senior team. Throw in the fact that two of our most promising players are now playing rugby for Terenure and you can get the feel of what we are up against.

But, to the club’s credit, a lot of time and effort is going into the Juvenile section and it’s brilliant to see so many kids up there on the weekends. We have a lot of real ‘club’ men & women involved now and we’ll hopefully reap the rewards in the future once we can get new grounds, clubhouse etc sorted.


Are they looking at building a club house and new grounds?


It’s been in the pipeline for a long time, though nothing concrete has started yet.


Be great to see…where would it be…bushy park?


Ye lost a good man in recent times too Keego I believe. Enjoyed a very enjoyable day’s football there - some v good people there no doubt. Best of luck.


There are no parish rules in dublin.

Can’t believe no one has mentioned Castleknock. Far more likely to be a major dual club in ten years than the vast majority mentioned. Well ahead of the majority mentioned at under age in hurling.


Solid foundations though:sunglasses


Absolutely and major estates being built beside the grounds


Kevins too?


I don’t know about them being a super club as such and I believe there’s not many dual players this year. I think they’ve plateaud at adult level.

They’ve had a bad year at adult level, relegated to AHL 3 and were in a relegation playoff in championship.

Minors are in the C I think

16’s well beaten but Vinnies in champo by 20 points but their 15’s did win the A.


We’ve a bit to do yet Liam. Great attitude amongst young players in the club so that helps.


it would seem to me based on results that Castlenock are prioritising football at adult level. No inside info or anything I’m just basing it on the meteoric rise of both codes in their club and for the hurling to fall back while the football progresses all the time.


They’re in a far better position than some of the clubs named on here is the point I’d be making. I’d already consider the likes of NAF a super club to some extent. Although I’m not sure what the thread starter means exactly by that phrase!


Setanta is about survival, survival & more survival. We have not got the bodies to go into Places like Charlestown & other areas in our reach. Our gpo is with us 19 hours a week & can only do so much. He is also not allowed into two nearby schools to coach hurling. Fionntáin was a great help especially this year, but is now in DIT & out training with Gilroys regime, so has & will have even less time in the coming year.


Proper order. Concrete isn’t energy efficient.


Which two? Victories?


Maybe, don’t know any of the U15 group that don’t play with Faughs.


Yes and Virgin Mary boy’s school, no bother with the girls half. As a matter of fact, we had a battle of the school’s tournament & V. Mary girls won the snr. girls section.