Whatever Happened To Our Lookalikes Thread?


Yes, but look at Rosses delph, they’re worse.


The money he is on would he not visit a dentist ffs. I’m sure he can find a way to write it off as expenses


Uncle Junior from the Sopranos


Mickey Whelan


Mario Gomez

Bernard Brogan



Already done @TheParish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Multiple All Ireland Winner and key forward for Dublin Ciaran Kilkenny

Jimbo - the star of Boss Baby.


Jimmy White

Kieran Duff


Josh Charles, the actor that was in some movies that I can’t think off

Nial Morgan the tyrone keeper, who was meant to be the next Cluxton, but wasn’t, and learned that a Joe Brolly pimping is not what its cracked up to be.


The Beast from The Chase


Is that resser still posting?


Staunch Unionists


A Party based in Ireland



Dunno. Didn’t even know he was a poster!
Was going through this thread and spotted that old pic and thought it looked like Mr Labbett




Awkward silence.


Biggest size Jersey was a large that day, so I was packed into it allright.


Brother I know the feeling! It’s a great pic of the ressers in their day. Would of loved to have been involved in that game. Though a large would of choked me to death.


Should organise a tournament against the Kildare forum.


Ha that should be fun, get a tournament going and invite Willie’s blog…