Welcome to the New Look Reservoir Dubs


I was in My settings. There doesn’t seem to be an option to stay logged in. Any Help?


not sure mate - do you have cookies enabled? It keeps me logged in all the time.


Did you ever get the hi res version of the logo sorted Tayto?


The one on the site is the best copy I could get


The ressers logo? I’m sure I had a copy of the artwork somewhere. Maybe @Mr.White can help? I’ll have a look meantime.


How do I untrack a topic I was following? I need to untrack and follow a different one. Cheers.


at the very end of the topic there’s a bookmark/share/flag/invite and reply button - underneath that there should be a tracking button - if you are half way down the topic it is to the right underneath the topic up/down slider. Had a blue dot.




Turns out Mr Nutmeg designed the logo.


Is he after royalties now? :wink:


We have a new one in the pipeline


Not at all.

Yes he is.


Ill get something over to ya tayto, haven’t forgotten.


There’s the pipeline now :joy:


Who do I bill? Don’t say Al! :joy:


Only messing of course!


Sorry for the outage earlier. Site needed a reboot this morning, needed to be totally recompiled.


Makes a change from the more usual outrage …


There was me worried that the site had fallen victim to a mayo blog fatwa!


Maybe that should be a new chant for the Hill

“I’d rather have a fatwa than a curse”…