Welcome to the New Look Reservoir Dubs


Big-time. Very impressed. The death of the old site may well prove a blessing in disguise, long-term.


It would seem a shame to let the occasion of the rebirth of Reservoir Dubs pass without some form of piss up … er … official launch. Tomás O’Sé’s agent rang to say he would like nothing better (when he finishes his NY begging … er … shopping trip) than to spend the night with a few scumbags … er … scamps. I am sure we could get 0.001 of Dublin GAA GDP (= €100,000) to ‘oil’ proceedings.

Perhaps we could incorporate a live OTB show where Woolly and the other Dublin lovers could regale us about taking our jobs, our places in some GAA clubs (who win nowt) and our houses but never our women. We could invite reps from every county board and get John Costello to outline all the well thought out structures and the voluntary hard work that makes Dublin GAA great. Or he could imitate all these reps from all the other counties by taking the easy option and sit on his hands and moan and whinge and say it isn’t fair.

JJF could read poems by Brendan Kenneally and we could have Bart jump out of a cake. Aido could do a diary monologue with his mammy (it wouldn’t be a monologue then ya eejit) and after that we could order 1,000 pints just to fill the Dublin silverware on show … 2,000 if we win the Bob O’Keeffe Cup in the interim.

We could make it the night before the Leinster Final and get all the players rat arsed – then at least we might have some chance of a close game the next day. All proceeds on the night could go to Kildare GAA to buy umpire’s flags for the goals in Conleth’s Park. AlanOC and Dessie could do a modified version of YMCA to the lyrics of The GPA. The mods could watch a good row unfold without jumping in before the hands even come out of the pockets … and then the piece de resistance … Stephen Cluxton’s powerful, emotive, motivational call to arms for the retention of Sam …

Make it happen lads … I’ll turn up …



Just one small thing though, ‘GPA’ wouldn’t work like YMCA in that song. Anyway, no matter… let’s just get it on, a bird in the hand and all that.


Great to be back on here.

Big thank you to all involved in developing the new site.


Well done to all involved in bringing Res Dubs back to life. Looking forward to reading and participating in the key topics associated with Dublin GAA.

Loving the mobile version of the site.

Best of luck to all involved with Reservoir Dubs


Long time lurker, well done to all to get it back up and running so quickly


be great if there were an app


There’s talk of an app to support the discussion software - not sure it is live and/or working yet though.

Just bookmark the site on your phone homescreen? Works as well as an app on mobile?

Just going to upgrade the site software now to the latest version - hold tight!


site upgraded and everything looks okay


Maith an obair An Fear Tayto!


Working fine for me, thanks Tayto :clap: :clap: :clap:


Nice one.


Hello Lads and Lasses. Great to see the site back. I’ve been following for a long time but never took the plunge, didn’t realise how much I enjoyed it until ye went! Here’s to another great season, UP THE DUBS!


That’s the thing, any forum is only as good as the contributors, and we’d all miss the crazy hoors around here!


Who are you calling a crazy hoor?


Is there a way of staying logged in forever instead of putting password in all the time.


curious one, it keeps me logged in, unless i lot out manually. can you check your user setting and see if there’s something there?


Where do I Check My User Setting?


Long time reader, seldom post though.

Love the new look of the forum, well done to all.


Welcome aboard! Interesting name… :hushed: