Welcome to the New Look Reservoir Dubs


Site is great on mobile. So easy to navigate around and post.

One question though is how do you quote a post?



Think ya highlight the quote and then the quote reply pops up like in the picture and click that .


@Unbelievable that’s it. Cheers. I kept clicking reply with linked topic and it kept trying to create a new topic. Don’t know how many times I have done this and had to click cancel


Long time lurker to the old site but decided to sign up!



hey - welcome aboard!


If you click on reply there’s a menu at the top of the reply text box, the first icon on the left (speech bubble) is the quote option


Where has proud dub got to ??


She’s over on boards.ie , I’m sure she will be back soon , she’s on every form of social media in regards to the Dubs ever put on the internet :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Herself or an imposter has signed up here http://www.reservoirdubs.com/users/ProudDub


great to be back!! missed dropping in ,great new look,well done to all involved.


Brilliant lads. Rare poster but avid reader. Been a slow week without all the regular updates especially through the club section. Really showed how great the site is when you have to trawl through some of the other junk out there.

Thanks a mil to all who manage the site and here’s to a continued great year for the Dubs


I’d say she’s stuck in Mullinavat, there was a bus cancelled


Fair play for keeping the site going lads! Valuable resource


Ah jaysus is it good to be back!!! Wonder will Bart make a comeback now?? Maybe I’m Bart???


Fair play and well done to all involved


Great work on the upgrade lads. It will take a bit of getting used to but it looks great!

Did anyone else manage to retrieve their old accounts? I had to create from scratch. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately all old accounts were lost prior to the changeover to this new look


ok thanks for letting me know.


Great to see the site up and running again was in cold turkey but now I’ve my fix back . Well done and good luck to all in the future


Clever colour co-ordination of user name & avatar @OverTheBlackSpot. A promising start :wink:

Welcome in!