Welcome to the New Look Reservoir Dubs


Thanks Tayto for the add, the email thing was not working at all. Thanks to everyone involved for rebirthing the best GAA site out there!!!

Just need to find my way around it now! Are you going for a similar format? I mean, it is the one we are used to I guess, not that I’m opposed to change either! Looks great so far. Well done.


Works lovely on the phone! No longer need to scroll sideways… or zoom in and out. Brilliant work folks!!

One thing ive noticed is it doesnt warn you on spelling mistakes. Wouldnt want the country cousins thinking we can’t spell.

Great to be back. Continued success to the mods.


Well done folks! Missed y’all terribly over the last few weeks! :grinning:


Well done to everyone involved in getting this site back up and running again. A long time lurker, but very occasional poster on the old site. Hope to change that here!

It’s a real shame that all of the old threads were lost - the 2011 All Ireland Final thread made for some fabulous reading!

Best of luck with the new incarnation!


Great stuff, @Tayto. Sorry to see the old site go without warning but credit to all involved in the turnaround getting Res Dubs refitted & good to go so quickly.


Quick question re the ResDubs logo - was that on the old forum, and what’s its origin??

Looks really good.


The logo was made for the old site, it was on the homepage at one stage but never made it onto the forum (i had been meaning to do it for ages - think it’s very cool- but never got around to it) - think one of our posters very kindly gave it to Mr.White when he used to run the forum - if the person who made it sees this, it would be great to get a high res version of the logo so please drop me a message!


That was the main aim of the revamp … hopefully more people will post now tat it is easier to login and the whole site is more usable on mobile devices.


Thanks to all involved in getting the site back up and running. Missed having pationate and usually intelligent views on Dublin GAA :wink:


Will take a bit of time to get back into swing, but fair play for the effort in getting it back on the road


Great to have back, really missed the discussions.
Just had to slightly adjust my user name :grin:


Good to have you all back as well - i know a lot of people had put a lot of effort into the club sections, so I hope they wont mind getting those sections up and running again, as they are part of what makes this such a good site.


Agree on the logo but shouldn’t we be incorporating some white trim into it, in line with our new jersey colour scheme?

dashes for nearest exit, without even a thought for grabbing his coat


site looks great , well done lads.


Fantastic improvement. Wasn’t sure at first but once I played around with it and changed a few settings I was laughing!


Excellent! :laughing:


Has anybody tried registering with twitter and had any issues with it?


i forgot to swap twitter stuff from the temp IP address to the full domain (i was drunk in italy) but have done it now, so try to check it?


Love the new site…just got a fancy new Android phone from work and between the two it’s all working like a dream! Well done lads!


AFAIK, the logo was of old Dublinia origin, and IIRC, Mr Navy was involved in it?? Could be way off, but it’s come to mind for some reason!