Weather thread


No white Christmas this year, but long term, still looking ripe for a very cold/snowy winter. Week 1 January onwards is the key time frame.


So after this damp day, the main event should be a dry and mild during the daytime but cloudy/misty. There is a chance for some foggy days and frosty nights for the next week.

Still a good chance that we will have a bitterly cold and snowy January after week 1 onwards, I’m plumping for January 8th/10th sort of timeframe.


Ah crap, seriously?


Yep, the stratosphere warming I spoke about previously is starting already and the reversal of zonal winds about 27th onwards. That takes about 10 to 14 days to downwell to the tropospheric conditions that effect us. So circa 7th to 10th Jan or thereabouts.


Balls. The new gaff is up a hill, so we could easily get snowed in.


Ah @tayto … it’s not feckin Kilimanjaro


The Dublin man who went up a hill and came down a snowman


Aren’t we all pal



It wouldn’t be that far south no.


Have you touched the rains down n Africa?


Remaining calm and mostly dry as a high pressure cell settles over us bringing frosty nights and bright days, with mist and fog a possibility. This is set in stone for the next week or so.

After that, there’s a lot of uncertainty. The stratosphere warming is currently underway, has been for a couple of days now, and if does split the polar vortex, it should open the floodgates for deep cold and snow mid January onwards. It’s not showing in the charts at the moment, but I expect a few cold charts to show their faces over the next few days. I’m fairly confident we will have a very notable, cold winter!


But enough about us Liverpool fans…


The whole Christmas period it’s rarely been below 11 or 12c here. My mother in law has lupins flowering.


Daffodils already blooming here. :thinking:


Just taken on my road. Unreal.


And there are Daisy’s in my garden…m


They’ll be in for a shock soon!


How’s that shaping up?


Nothing of note showing in the models yet, but the stratosphere experts I follow are all saying mid month onwards into February and it will be notably cold and long lasting.


Long way out but could be a big northerly blast in about 7-10 days time. The pattern currently is shaping up to support that, it may only be a briefly severe thing, which is the statistical likelihood, or could possibly mark a progression towards a lasting colder pattern, which is very hard to predict in any tiny area of the globe (Ireland), anyway it will be interesting to see how it pans out.