Weather thread


lots of frost down in the midlands today - and power cuts sow e were bleedin freezin and couldnt even get a cup of coffee to wake up with!


you should be worried about the stratosphere


A reversal of zonal winds in the polar regions, leading to high latitude high pressure cells setting up. Ala 2010!


… 2010 when it was jaysus baltic? … oh great, best sock up on food cause the new gaff will get proper snowed in.


■■■■ should of bought them 70’s looking snow boots in Aldi’s


No. No, you shouldn’t.


Just to affirm, these are computer generated forecasts for strat warming, usually very reliable in fairness. Also, even when HL High pressures set up, it may not suit our locality for cold and snow, it just makes it a hell of a lot more likely than our usuals weather patterns of Atlantic weather systems.


Fingers crossed, now that i’m A culchie, snow is not all that appealing.


Ah man… was going for a trip down memory lane. 1982 and all that.


Little update on snow/cold potential next week, signal has waned somewhat over the last 2/3 days, but came back today. We may miss out as it would probably need to shift 500 miles westward to include us, but I’ll be watching this closely, it really is a knife-edge pattern.

The Sudden Strat warming is getting closer and closer too.

My thoughts are that we will have a much colder and snowier winter than normal.


Very rough weather in Ireland currently but the potential for some very stormy weather around next friday onwards.


More effing storms?


This is usually the stormiest part of winter even in quieter years.


Early December or the whole month?


Middle of November to end December usually.

Looks like the cold next week will only advect westerly enough to effect parts of the UK, very unlikely to hit us now at this stage. Still possible transient wintry showers next Friday/Saturday, but nothing notable!

As Al said though, a good few storms coming our way in the next 10 days.


This Sunday last year we had large amounts of snow here some neighbours needed their lanes cleared. Today, wind chill apart, it’s quite warm.


You agreeing with Al regarding the weather ? Truly this is the season of goodwill.


Looks like Rochey’s original confidence in the SW and HLB was well-founded. Later this week now instead of raging Atlantic storms we have a classic battleground scenario between a cold blocking high pressure over Scandinavia, and eventually most of northern Europe, and the Atlantic systems pushing up against it.
Initially it looks like some cold weather flooding into the UK but only a watered down version may come to Ireland, mainly the east. But with strong south to southeast winds and damp conditions it could feel very raw. After that current forecasts indicate the Atlantic will win out with milder weather everywhere. There could be plenty of rain but no sign of severe storms.


Happy days, sick of bleedin wind.


As are the people that sit near you I’d imagine …