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Hard to believe a cold snap is on the way. Seriously garjis weather this weekend. Hike around Howth & a bike ride both done. Patricia The Stripper may well be getting her P45 soon, 'wot with all the divesting of layers of clothing going on.

Altogether now…aaaaand…with a swing of her hips…


Stop you!
Can’t see any really severe weather happening before December but the overall setup is in favour of a potential severe spell. It’s no more than a 25% likelihood at the moment, maybe less than that. But it’ll be distinctly chilly for the next week most likely, with potential airfrosts away from the east and south coast, and then later on anywhere when the wind drops off.


The current set up (high pressure placement etc), were it to happen in 4 weeks time, would result in baltic conditions/snow events but it’s just too early in the season, and there is not a lot of cold pooling to tap into with the continental feed, and very little snow cover over Northern Europe. Ala:

That said, the coming week to 10 days will be more seasonal with frosty nights and feeling a lot colder than of late. There are some signs that we may have very wintery weather in mid December, but waaaay to far away for any degree of confidence.



Prescient …


Are you suggesting Lad Bible is an unreliable source??:rofl::rofl:




F*ck LadBible!

There is a strongish storm coming our way Wednesday, there is a lot of rain and high winds. Potential for Met warnings, something to listen out for.

Still potential for mid December colder weather as I said previously. The current benign weather will come to an end tomorrow. How long that lasts is up for debate, but I’d wager at least 4/5 days minimum!


Unseasonably mild from tomorrow on for a few days? No need for defrosting the jam jar any time soon?


Mild my Swiss. Nearly got blowed on to the Dart tracks with force 20* gales afoot this morning. And that totes hilaire rain that falls sideways. :cloud_with_rain:

(*May be slight exaggeration.)


The dirty bitch !


Thoguht the roof was going to come off the house last night, was crazy here.


Yeah, wouldn’t mind knowing what rates as “unseasonably mild” in Comrade @beeko 's world.

Maybe he was referring to an unexpectedly tame Chicken Jalfrezi he had for lunch and not the weather? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


14C forecast for tomorrow!
Jalfrezi is for wimps… try a Phal.


Really? Sadly, none of my mates are mad about Indian cooking.


Hey @dubintipp I’d say the salmon are feckin leppin over that river now


yep, it was in spate this lunchtime, up to level five, although it looks like it was at six overnight. last year it was roaring so loud after a long spell of rain we thought some of the walls along it (from gardens) were about to go. Some bricks and stones did go.


The signs that were there for a change to colder conditions mid December are not showing on the weather models, but a thing called a sudden stratospheric warming is still programmed to take place in December, the downwelling from which could take up to 2 weeks. The effects of this are generally high latitude High pressure cells, which brings cold flooding south. I will be keeping a close eye on this.

In the meantime, not much change from the current set up, westerly driven weather, windy and wet for the foreseeable with either standard temperatures or a bit warmer at times. It may get wintery for a bit next Tuesday with cold air getting dragged down, but it’s just transient and mostly confined to hill tops in the north and northwest. We may get a bit sleety down here, but Wicklow could see white tops!


As I said, feeling a lot colder today, lots of frost around.

Returning to more westerly/milder/wetter regime for a few days, but towards 7/8/9 days away, my mid December prediction is looking reasonably on target. Potential for Scandinavia high pressure to set up, bringing drier, colder continent air mass, similar to March 18, but without a storm thrown into the mix. So potentially a very cold and possibly snowy few days.

After that, the stratosphere warming I previously spoke about is looking odds on still. Will fill in more as we get closer to the times of these 2 possible events.


Which means … ?