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Typically, November would be at the tail end of the Atlantic hurricane season so we are always susceptible to getting storms that originated as hurricanes in the gulf region.
November would also, on average, be warmer than either December, January, February and maybe even March.


that’s me told :stuck_out_tongue:


Not fully yet … :wink:


When’s the snow coming Rochey?


No sign yet!

Actually @bongoslaw there is some potential as we move into 2nd third of November, as there’s a Scandinavian high pressure cell knocking about according to the charts I just viewed… No real cold pool to tap into just yet, but if the right set up comes along, it won’t be too far away.


Dont forget santy and his helpers ,where will they go ??? Chrimbo cancelled ??


Damn straight! November 2010 was a total freak, coldest ever on record I think. The late 1980s/early 90s had some very frosty weather in November but the following winters were always very mild. There’s an old country saying that “Ice in November to bear a duck, the rest of the winter shall be slush and muck.”
Unfortunately considering 2009 and 2010 it seems that the ice-skating ability of ducks, whilst possibly amusing to witness, is not a great predicter of the coming winter’s weather.


And you thought your commute home on the M50 was bad.


A Scandinavian high pressure cell , ah bollocks. I ll have to get a load of milk , wine and whole grain not whole meal now brown bread in. If it had been a Baltic low pressure storm I d be ok.


Some fun last night:

16.00-16.45 Blackrock to Lansdowne Road
16.55-17.45 Sandymount Green to Merrion Square
17.55-18.45 Baggot Street Lower to Donnybrook

Haven’t seen spot flooding like that for a long time


Cold spell for at least a week and a pattern that might see it last longer, starting in the next couple of days with much chillier air coming in from the east. Might get cold enough for some wintery showers in a few days time, any snow will be mostly on high ground. Not much frost due to strong winds, no frost on the east coast.
In about a week there’s the possibility of the pattern realigning/shifting a bit in such a way that even colder air could start to come down from the Northeast. At that stage also looks like lighter winds with an increasing likelihood of frost. Last time this sort of pattern set up in November we had long cold spells through December.


Its still freezing here and I happen to sleep in the coldest room of the house.


Where do you live Ohm?


At home?


Savage pun!


Northwest/Central Connecticut


Are we talking months of snow for the winter or just very cold?


Just very cold at the moment. No snow just yet.


We are lucky in Ireland. Our climate belies our geographical northerly latitude, simply because of the North Atlantic Drift. I know it gives some protection to the eastern seaboard of the U.S. but not where you are!


Don’t you fcukin start …