Weather thread


weather is jaysus poxy here today anyhoo. wind and rain.


the river in roscrea has gone back to more or less normal since i went on my holidays - up to level 5 now and looked like it had hit 6 sometime in the past week or so as there are signs of water/muck at that level.

how long it stays at that is the question. water also is not brown, so suggests the ground is nicely soft and absorbing and not just running off the water.

there is STILL silage being cut - in november!!


This makes absolutely no sense to me. Is Silage a character in a George Eliot novel? Was he stabbed?


East coast may have flooding issues by the end of today!!!


Huge problems because of leaves blocking drains


No, he ran away to sea, Silage Mariner is his full name.


He lived in a Sea Shanty!


Phew. Glad it’s not just me.

Doesn’t Silage have a much prettier older sister who does Up For The Match?


Plenty more rain on the way. Glad to hear the river is back to life.
Regarding autumn temperatures, the northern hemisphere continues to have both air and ocean temperatures running well above normal. As a result, Arctic sea ice has hardly yet started to refreeze, which is weeks late. Overall levels of ice extent are the second lowest on record, and less than half what was there at this time of year 25-30 years ago. Think I read somewhere 65% less.


Not looking good for the Inuits, Eskimos and Lapps so. Not to mention our old friend the Polar Bear.


Never mind all of them - hope there’s enough for our gin & tonics.


Fixed that


just as well the river got back to normal, or we could ahve been facing this


feckin wind and rain again this morning - november is not usually this windy is it?


u12 Dublin camoige trials for next years development panel this evening … best of luck girls in that


No. It’s usually 30 degrees and bright sunshine … f***ing snowflake.

I have to overnight in Tralee for my sins. Hope the afternoon drive isn’t too bad. Have my AIG accoutrements in my bag and my ‘hey! there’s no All Ireland medals in my change’ gags at the ready.


i always remember november as being baxtid cold not so much stormy.


County trials for U12s? A small bit ridiculous.


for u13s panel next year but they are 12 currently. Maybe no harm for camoige trying to work on skills at an early age and see if we can move up the learning curve at a faster rate. No harm in trying it but depends on level of coaching and how much time they are taken away from clubs to train. Im not involved so don’t have answers


November is typically mild, wet, and windy. Sometimes mild and not so wet and windy. Rarely cold, as in freezing. But it’s dark and damp so tends to feel cold especially after a hot summer and warm, mostly dry earlier autumn. It’s all relative as they say in the best inbreeding.