Weather thread


Maybe a few wintry showers (sleety rain) on Fri/Sat this week, but beyond that is far too far away for that conjecture!


Weds looks pleasant, light winds, should be dry, maybe some sunshine, 12 degrees.
Thursday currently forecast to be a little cooler, 10 degrees, possibility of more cloudy, maybe a bit of drizzle later, not much more wind though so overall looks pretty good for yous.


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It’s too early in the season for deep cold, but the way the set up is predicted in day 7 plus, looks like we may be getting high pressure cells setting up over Greenland, then Scandinavia, then Greenland again. It would give the high tops of Dublin and Wicklow a pasting in snow and wintery showers to lower levels. If it was 4 weeks later, we’d be looking at March of this year all over again.

Halloween will be a rather cold affair it seems. I’m keeping a close eye on this. If you buy logs, buy them now, as the price may go up in a weeks time!


So continuing from my last post, starting to get progressively colder from tomorrow night onwards with Saturday bringing a northerly wind feeling bitterly cold with wintery showers with accumulations of snow on very high ground and as the high pressure moves across from Greenland across to Scandinavia, this will usher in a more continental, dryer feed and models predicting the air may be cold enough for wintery showers to lower levels also. So from Saturday to Thursday next week looks to have a real wintery feel to it. I’ll update as we get closer to the days on local forecasts as opposed to a general one!

I see Met Éireann aren’t really going for it yet, and they have access to much better weather models than I have, so I’m not confident at all of any snow just yet, but I’m fairly confident the Wicklow mountains will be getting a whitening!

The synoptics due to be in place for the weekend, if they were 4 or 6 weeks later, we’d be looking at a country wide disruptive snow event. Will this be a marker for the coming winter? I don’t think so, but it has piqued my interest earlier than I can remember before.


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Blazing sun & glorious Fall foliage here in Enniskerry. Máith an fear Comrade Rochey. The brown envelope with unmarked fivers is with yer man behind the bar. :+1:

Hope your synoptics aren’t too painful. Is there a cream you could get?


Well that forecast I indicated being made by some of the models five to six days ago at least is looking to have been extremely accurate, coming off in the next few days for sure now. There will be some frost initially, then strong winds bringing increasingly cold air from the far north, a few wintery showers (a bit of hail and possibly sleet mixed in), a bit of frost and possibly ice away from coasts at that stage, and eventually when the winds drop a bit increasing frost with some ice where skies are clear at night.

In the strong winds, and then later on in frosty weather with possible mist and fog, it will feel very cold, especially considering how mild and before that warm it has been overall for many months.
Halloween currently looking fairly classic weather, chilly, fairly cold at night, with maybe some mist about, or even fog away from the coast…
In the longer term it will probably gradually get milder, and in the almost unforecastable distance (beyond 6-7 days) it may become very stormy and wet.


Massive drop in the temps today. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Wickla gets a dusting of the white stuff in the not too distant. There was just that extra bite in the air. Yesterday was a glorious day for hiking around Glendalough. Even up high, on the elevated mountainy trails, t’was utterly fabis. Much differerent story today, even thought the sun was splittin’ the skies. Sugarloaf was waved at and not climbed. Too cold.You can tell October was very mild, as an awful lot of the trees and foliage up the mountains, is still a good couple of weeks away from turning colour.


There have been a lot of suggestions that week 2 November could see heights rising in Scandinavia bringing us similar conditions to March this year, but then this has popped up in the charts since yesterday… Potential for a few changes now as we go forward…


Snow or not?


Fierce chilly anyway.


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Yes, but nothing to write home about… Just yet! It snowed a wee bit just now here in Nth Dublin.


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Unusually milder for this time of year for a few days now with rain all week through to next week, Wednesday looking decidedly wet with potential for flood warnings for us here in Dublin by tomorrow from Met E.

The further outlook doesn’t look like changing much, and no sign (within reason) of anything particularly wintery yet. Some suggestions in the far reaches of pseudo-reality, that the semi-permanent European/Russian high pressure cell may dissolve, only time will tell, until it does, we won’t have anything remotely like bitter wintery weather. The only saving grace for those who love sneachta, is the jet stream is not in full autumnal flow, and there are signs of high pressure increases in polar regions above Scandinavia in some model runs.


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