Weather thread


Have you checked further up stream to see if there’s a shopping trolley or moped blocking it? :wink:


Michael Lowry siphoning off the water and selling it as Peckham Spring Water?


There’s no fall it seems here in Connecticut this year. Its gone from Summer straight to Winter it feels like.


The fall my favourite part of the year when I lived in Boston.


How cold does it get during winter?


Real cold spell/snap from the far north quite possible by the end of this week.


How cold? Roads dangerous with ice?


Possibly if it really gets going yeh. Depends how strong or not the wind will be, and if it rains(or even snows) so that there’s water lying around to freeze. But it being late October only its very unlikely to be bad at all, just a bit.
Anyway as ever the caveat at this stage is that it’s a few days to go before it can be confirmed if it’s getting really cold at all.


It was like Spain in Lusk this afternoon


You mean you all had a few tequilas and a siesta?


We did - the bull fight was good crack too. Don’t tell that PC crowd though …


Very warm today. My clematis has started flowering again it thinks it’s may.
Have that, sunflowers, roses and red hot pokers all in full bloom right now.

Silage is being cut, which is good, or bad depending on your view.


There is no answer to that!!


Dead right.

Anyone talking about silage on Res Dubs should receive an immediate ban ! :facepunch:

What’s the forecast lookin’ like for North Wickla next Wed-Fri? Will be squiring a couple of Yanks around the touristy spots & if it’s at all like today, I’ll be bleedin’ delira. :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:


Oooooh matron.


Do you mean 24th to 26th of Oct? Friday sees a cool down to wintery type weather, feeling bitter, especially as we’ve just come from a long aul summer. It’s a transient affair though as it looks like warming again into Sunday.

What it does do however, is it changes the current set up and rapidly cools down European mainland, sending our EU colleagues into the chill cabinet and sets up a pattern that may be conducive to some early wintery weather proper for us. Early to mid November is what I’m looking at currently. Miles away and absolutely no certainty, just a hunch I have. I will be keeping an eye on it too.


Yep. The 24-26th. Will it be nice-ish on the Wednesday & Thursday? They leave on Friday, so am ok if a chill sets in then. All day in Glendalough, in the pissins of rain, is no fun at all.


Are these the same yanks you had to bring to the west of Ireland recently. Can they not go to the Caribbean and invite you over!!


Sneachta possibly on the cards then ?


Any sign of that river rising much after the rain last week?