Weather thread


When they were warning us all week about a storm coming I didn’t realise it was a political one …


Well there has been Hurricane Michael down in the southeast.


Yes. Wexford may never recover.


No. That’s Hurricane Davy!


Wexford got terrible floods a few years ago in November. Mate’s wedding had to be moved from flooded Hotel on the big day. They still let people stay there despite no electricity! We moved…


The one in Enniscorthy?


One of those yep. :shushing_face:


On the Slaney - the Riverside … always floods.


It was a worst in many years event.


Was talking about Florida.


To who?


When mentioning Hurricane Michael :wink:


Is that a Dylan song?


That hurricane was phenomenal, went from an ordinary tropical storm in the Gulf to a full on Florida Panhandle hit at touching Cat 5 strength in 4 days. Third strongest ever to hit the US mainland I think, and only major hurricane to ever hit that part of Florida.
Above average sea temperatures were a factor.


Don’t mind them Ohm! They are taking the piss.


Our shed door blew clean open.

Snowflake generation + nanny state = perfect storm.


At least another week of almost totally dry weather coming up. Drought still not really over so. Bit of frost early on and in a few days, otherwise mild.


Any long term view for Sunday week the 28th?
All those Resser’s running the Dublin marathon would be interested…


Way too far away for particulars of the weather in Dublin, but that said, looks like it will be dry, calm and warmish (for the time of year!)

EDIT: May not be that warm. Might be chilly being in the morning!


My little dog has been facing the same way when peeing in the back garden as she did last Autumn.
I solemly swear, we’re in for another fücking harsh winter followed by another glorious summer.