Weather thread


sounds nice … friday 2am


Yep has the feeling of calm before the storm, what are the chances of blanket decision to call juvenile games off with a yellow storm warning. I know its early in the week but with some juvenile championship and league matches on it would be terrible to play them in gaelforce winds.


12 degrees at 2am! That the storm dragging all the warm air up from Africa!


And sodden pitches!


That app has it battering the west coast mostly, but looks pretty shitty all round.


Look at wind direction for the east coast though, could be coastal flooding.

Anyway, too early for intricate details. Tomorrow will firm up on who gets the worst and by how much. Storms like this are difficult to nail down.


Whats the weather forcast for Saturday around 12.15? I have an u11 go games. Do I need me umbrella!


during the week it looked like it might miss us altogether, lots of tall trees near the new gaff - making me nervous.


See 2nd paragraph of post above!


What are you doing on this site if you’ve an U11 game on Saturday. You should be in school ! :grin:

Umbrella on a windy day your a brave man. As others have said it hard to know when and where it will hit. If it looks bad Friday I think CCC1 u-8 to u-11 should blanket call off games and then leave other games to clubs/refs and common sense.


right ted!


Wind should be gone so at least you can use an um-ber-ella, ella! Here’s Saturday midday forecast, heavy rain just having cleared east coast, light rain still there, pitches will be sodden but should be playable considering all the dry, warm weather just past:


Of course that’s 3 days away so heavy rain could be hanging on…


cheers Ted.


Flights out of Dublin on Friday evening be ropey enough?


was reading on the AA twitter feed that flooding of locals roads in mayo has started to ease. here is blue skies and lovely warm sunshine.


Yes. Some are full of drunken hens and stags.


Calm before the storm I think.

Below sent out be county board so they must be thinking some games are going to be doubtful.

The Weather forecast over the coming days is for a lot rain.

For all competitive competitions Clubs should be familiar with the relevant regulations:

IMPORTANT NOTE : CCC2 will reschedule any U16 Hurling Championship games not played this Saturday (due to both Clubs having unplayable pitches ) to Saturday October 27th ( Bank Holiday Weekend).


As expected, Met E have issued the warnings:

Status Orange for Friday early hours. Expect changes time and level and maybe even further warnings in days after.


The rain is needed that river is back to its lowest level. I don’t know why it’s almost at a standstill only barely getting over the weir. Last year salmon were struggling to get over becuase of the flow. Now they’d be beached.


This time next week I’d say you’ll see noticeable improvement. Though it now looks like the worst of the rain over the next few days will hit the south and east, as much as the west, though I think all areas will get quite alot over the next week.