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Sure Christmas is only round the corner…


RTE 1 on the Late Late now…

Glued to it I am!


Tropical storm Leslie now beginning to appear on news sites as a potential threat. I’ve been watching it closely. Looks like a nasty bitch of a storm, but most likely (if you believe the NWP) it will rise up into the North Atlantic missing us and crashing straight into Iceland.

Some are showing it clipping the west coast of Ireland and doing severe damage and others have shown it riding right over the top of us. It looks like (at present) that it will miss us.

The next few days are crucial in the forecasting of this, so as usual, I’ll keep an eye and give an opinion. Which we all know, yer man will disagree with, by way of a 40 page thesis!


Who ,Martin king ?


A man whose clappy happy chappy approach doesn’t suit presenting the weather forecast. Now the ladies on TG4 on the other hand…would remind one of Stormy Daniels!:rofl:


Next Friday and Saturday, big storm developing. Haven’t time to say more right now, but just giving the heads up.


So this week in Dublin…

Today and tomorrow very similar, cloudy with the chance of the odd spot of drizzle. Wednesday should be mostly dry but unseasonably warm and on Thursday a chance of some prolonged spells of rain.

This bigger news is Friday and Saturday as 2 different stormy low pressure cells try to push into Ireland, really only effecting the West badly as things stand, but a slight shift either way and it could be a county wide event. We will have a lot of gusty wind and rain, but certainly not as bad as the west coast who most probably will have yellow wind warnings issued, below are the charts for Friday and Saturday, for those of you who remember Geography class!

On Friday’s chart, you can see the developing low pressure cyclone developing off the coast of Africa as it moves very swiftly up towards us for arrival mid day Saturday. If that High pressure cell wasn’t so strong over Europe we could have been in for some serious damage countrywide, but the HP won’t let the LP into the party!


Can we have a storm called E.Daniels?


How are women like tornadoes? When they are coming, they’re all wet and windy. When they are going, they take your house and car!
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Risk of games off up here? Or too early to say.


Looks like lots of rain coming to the west and south and midlands at least Dubintipp. I think the drought may finally be breaking. Less sign of our traditional October Indian Summer after the warmth of these couple of days disappears.


Maybe. 24 hours out is the best judge!


What’s Saturday Afternoon/Evening going to be like ? Heading to Lansdowne for the Ireland game


Forecasting a deep depression after the game


Well that’s a given :grin:


Waste of an afternoon / evening watching that rubbish. You’d be better off going to Parnell to see good games


Take the rough with the smooth. There was a time when tickets for Lansdowne were like gold dust just like now when Parnell Passes are but weren’t when we weren’t winning AI’s.


Plenty of rough coming. If you’re into that kind of thing.


21c expected today, its like an early june morning here


Yes, unseasonably warm.

The storms that arrive starting tomorrow night will be most destructive Friday morning and all day Saturday. Wind being the biggest issue Friday morning and rainfall the biggest issue Saturday. Both wind and rain will not be subsiding until late Saturday or early Sunday.