Weather thread


Pissing rain in Bristol all day


Indeed. Plenty of holes! You countered what I had posted with details of things that were not at that stage even forecast by Met Éireann on the same day. Where are you getting this stuff from?

To challenge something that’s blatantly misleading and incorrect is not picking holes. Leave the fake news type comments/responses to those who live by them daily, it’s not your style.

Anyway ill keep me gob shut in future, it catches no wind.


Oh f#*k off Al. Pain in the f###### hoop.

You obviously don’t have access to the same models I was using. Ive tried, I really have, but I’m just going back to ignoring you. It’s easier than wading through your posts, feeling exhausted after!



Lovely sunny start to the day - is there any rain predicted for later? :wink:


Beautiful morning here too. Sun splitting the sky but a bit chilly.

The swallows have all gathered together the last few days and are getting ready for the long trip south. I assume they do it around now because of the equinox?


Sun splitting the sky here in mordor. Have the heating on though. Off to the gym to loose a wee bit of podge.


76 (24.4) here in Atlanta now. Heading for 85 (29.4) in the afternoon. Plenty of sunshine. Ideal conditions for the Golf down the road. Tiger and Rory in the final group. Massive throngs of people. The “Tiger” effect is very obvious.


High pressure taking control now for the rest of the foreseeable, bringing dry and calm conditions. Potential for the HP to move out westward, allowing the spilling down of cold air from the arctic region, maybe next weekend or just beyond that. Nothing very cold, but a definite cool down and a few heavy frosts to get October off to a colder than normal start.

More anon.


Ice on the car this morning


Air-frost very unusual in Ireland in september in the last 20 years or more.


Don’t think we had a frost till november last year.

Luckily one of the women we went to feile with was pregnant so she drove us all home. no cardboard tent required.


An Epic bottle job yet again from English Rory


Is that a new type of weather event. Look forward to rochey explaining that one.


Which Al will contradict and the answer is somewhere in the middle


River back to 3cm same as after the drought.


Hose pipe ban has been rescinded nationwide so the reservoirs are back to full levels


And as feared another long mostly dry spell coming up. Of interest it looks like there could be a significant cold spell, with northerlies, and frosts in the next couple of weeks.


Well tonight is warm and humid very odd conditions watching the silage being cut under headlights in an autumn mist is very strange!


Another very mild evening last night and very mild again this morning - hard to believe it’s nearly October!