Weather thread


The wind/rain today is the formation of a storm that is moving away from us and will do some damage later today in Wales and England. There is another storm expected to form over us on Sunday, whether it forms early enough to do some wind damage is still not set in stone. It’s a bit unusual to have these storms form over Ireland, they usually happen out in the Atlantic and get dragged to us on the jet stream.

Anyway, wet and windy all weekend but there will be calmer and much drier conditions next week as a high pressure cell settles over us. Possibly from Monday onwards and for the foreseeable future.


As a good and departed friend of mine said to Aidan Nulty one night when he came into the Diggers (his local) for a pint after a day of torrential rain … ‘there you are Aidan - you and your fucking weather’.


ill check it out later. terrible morning for rain here till about 9 now blue skies everywhere.

it would be a great day for the ploughing, seems like nobody going, the guards are off point duty at all the junctions, and traffic is non existent.

the classical feile is on tonight - another complete turkey. theres only 10,000 tickets for each event and everyone is going to be seated in one of the stands in semple. the only upshot is every pub in the town has a late bar till 2am tonight and tomorrow, so at least lar corbett will make some money.


Am heading down to Feile later. Driving down and back today, as I’ve stuff on tomorrow. Any recommendations for parking, for a quick getaway, once the concert ends?


given the whole lack of anything you could probably chance your arm with parking in the greyhound stadium across the road. :rofl:

more realistically it depends what way you are coming i guess - if from the M7/Templemore park near centenary co-op on the way into the town, if from the M8 there may be parking around Lidl. I’m only assuming that parking anywhere nearer will be banned.


Parking in the greyhound stadium is available to purchase on Ticketmaster. €16 a pop I think, plus their shitty booking fee!
Thanks for the the parking tips. Will check them out when I get down.


fucking hell!!! its €5 on match days!!!


river is still same level.


So is the lough. There’s a heron walking around it.


Amazing how things change in a few hours.

River has gone up over the 4 mark (cm?) From three where it’s been stuck since July. Loads of muddy water, guess the ground in this part of the world is back to normal.


Traffic is light more or less normal Friday evening. When I said lidl I meant aldi lol

I’d say you’ll find parking easy enough, am.typing this from.outside the stadium. Nice evening too, enjoy.


Yeh it would take a while to filter through. That said, as alluded to a few days ago, looks like the next week after tomorrow is dry all the way, and October has the potential to be quite dry too, so this could be the longest drought in your part of the world since 1995. Tomorrow has now gone from being the start of a massive storm just 2-3 days ago to just a bit of rain, possibly heavy in a few spots in the far south, and not much wind at all. GFS Model EPIC FAIL!


So what colour will the code be? Maybe code rainbow, keep the options open? Or just tell people it’ll be wet and windy, like used to happen?


In fairness, the storm does develop Al, over us and moves on over Wales and England where it’s to become very windy with damaging gusts, that’s why I said earlier in this thread it was not certain if it would effect us or not. Looks like we’ll get a fair skelp of rain out of it anyway. The actual development of these storms are notoriously difficult to get spot on. All the models have toyed with this, not just the GFS.

I’d imagine after the next 2 days of rain, the levels in the reservoirs will rise significantly, as the ground now “appears” to be near full saturation.

Looking forward to the dryness next week, maybe I can get stuck in and finish restoring the old banger!!!


Not gonna drag the Missus into this but What is it @rochey? Model/year?


77 triumph spitfire. Started to do what I thought was a small bit of rust about 2 months ago, have had to strip it right down now as it was more extensive than I thought. A couple of dry days will see me get it mostly back together!


Cool. Mate of mine had a TR5. Love looking at older cars - even from 60-80s.


Driving around like Bren Henehan… :slight_smile:


It doesn’t. Not over us. A bit of a gale over parts of southern England possible tomorrow. What two days of rain? As I said above, patchy rain in the south and south east, some heavier bits for a short while near the south and southeast coast, clearing tonight. Not much wind at all. The drought goes on


Picking holes again. The storm will develop over us but have little effect on us. It will on Wales/England, as I said above. And it’s raining here now. It was also expected to rain tomorrow, that may not be the case now… Seriously, stop! It’s embarrassing at this stage.