Weather thread


Ah Jaysus.


the top of my chimera blew off.

that sounds sore, says a woman at work when i said it :zipper_mouth_face:


Comflicting reports about how much rain will fall today - reffing tonight at 7.30 so just checking if I need my wellies or not! Also what’s the forecast rainwise for Saturday and Sunday?


Did you get your helmet blown off?


Well ill take a drop of rain over that wind we had yesterday, although as one of my friends joked it might blow the greys out of my hair which would be most welcome.

She’s like a lunatic all week stressing over the weather along with everything else but to be honest, my biggest worry this week is leaving my dog to be minded for 3 days!


If you think she’s a lunatic now, wait till you put a ring on it!

Take the dog and leg it man … go!

Go to Leitrim, nobody will ever think to look there!


@Sam_11 Its raining and your wife is knocking on the front door and your dog is barking at the back door who do you let in first?


Marry the dog instead. Less hassle.


You’ll be grand, think you’re in the clear. Further downgrading of the ‘storm’ on latest forecasts.
Todays rain now looks mainly south and east so Dubintipp’s river may not yet roll on…


What stream are you watching that from?


Raining heavy enough out there, a lot of school games off, storm Bronagh might hit us sometime this evening.


When you’re bored at work & perusing thru the weather news on Twitter…

Just how shallow & vaculous does Twitter think I am? :roll_eyes:


It even makes up words. Or physical ailments?


Oops. Does that me a serial offender?


Cereal with milk , jaysus might give that a go.


Some rain out there now - never stopped during my match - soaked to the bones - only warming up now


I thought you should warm up before a match?!


DubinTipp, what news from The River?? :astonished:


He got Mary pregnant and man, that was all she wrote.


U13 Division 5 girls match that was one sided. I did warm up beforehand listening to the radio in my car with the heater on. First time where it has rained and been really cold at the same time in many a month - the winter is a coming!