Weather thread


It was shocking to see the caravan in the water during the news.

Somethings just don’t need to be shown after a tragedy and a loss of a life.


Honestly, people slagging off the Met Office after today… Dear oh dear. It just shows a lack of knowledge. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Weather is the most unpredictable of all the sciences. Remember Ophelia? The red alert warning? Where 3 people died? Yet that was an over-reaction according to some! How many would have died if they didn’t send out the warning? Met Eireann are reliant, like all met services, on the outputs from super computer generated predictive sequences. Today they did very well predicting the storm.

Today was an orange and yellow alert, well documented and well warranted. Just because the micro-world of Griffith Ave was damaged more by today the Met Office should be ashamed? Laughable. Yes there was more damage today in certain parts, but the trees are in full foliage, meaning more weight in the tree and also lots of mini-sails to catch the wind! Hence more trees down.

It seems some people are just not happy unless they’re moaning.

It looks like we may see the formation of another storm over us on Friday, but likely to effect England more than us, and yet some of the models are still predicting the storm for Sunday.

Pity I had to work today for 2 reasons, 1 we were mental busy and 2, I didn’t get to enjoy the storm. As somebody who is enthused by the strength of Mother Nature, I would have driven out to Skerries or Howth today and watched the rolling seas.


Heard that the drought maybe a factor in the trees being.uprooted as the ground would still be dryer.

I think it was more down to gusts. One of my trees literally snapped, one which survived Ophelia with no damage.


Spanish point in West clare is the place to watch a storm( bit of a drive from Dublin I know). The waves are spectacular and you might see the odd lunatic surfer .


Ah lads ffs. I’m getting married on Saturday. Give me some positive weather news


Anyone know how to report a fallen telephone cable from the storm ,quick google didnt yield any result


Best of luck man!


Been there during an ex-hurricane. Amazing.

Absolutely, but most of the damage today was from limbs of trees splitting, not uprooting.

I’m terribly sorry, but after marriage, there is nothing to be positive about! :slight_smile:


Are you on twitter? Contact Eir on twitter, they generally get back quick enough.


Best of luck @Sam_11. The only advice I’ll give is to never go to sleep on a row.

Get a bottle of whiskey and stay up drinking instead.


A direct quote from one of the most logical posters from a weather forum I use. Might throw some light on the fluidity of weather forecasting and the difficulties of same:

Blockquote: September certainly kicking into life at the moment - a proper blast of stormy wet weather we are in, short-term developments galore, making short-term forecasting a headache - where will see the strongest winds and heaviest rain. Reason for the explosion of low heights shown in most models this time tomorrow, is the marked temp profile developing over the UK, we have some very mild tropical air over southern UK with cold uppers digging in from the north, along the boundary a waving front and then bingo a rapid deepening low pressure. The main feature will be the persistant heavy rain, N Wales, Pennines and Lake District will see a deluge, localised flooding - and memories of the dry late spring - early summer will seem a lifetime ago… Friday will see most of the UK in a chilly NW airstream, Saturday calmer and drier for most, and still chilly, Sunday up in the air, but increasing signal another bout of very windy very weather for most, and some very chilly air digging in behind - will feel more like late Oct/early Nov, some wintry precipitation for Scottish Highlands and a significant risk of a widespread frost for north Sunday night followed by high pressure.


Where? If you’re east you should be alright most of the day at least. If you’re west not so sure, morning should be fine.


And Mullaghmore in Sligo. But just before or after the storm is best, not during.


The leaves factor a partial cause but also as you alluded to above, the drought may have made the branches drier and therefore more likely to break.


East, thankfully. Meath to be precise. Weather app says 50km winds on the Sunday but sat looks ok


@Sam_11 Best of luck Saturday. Stick out the Child of Prague you’ll be sorted (might want to nail it down though)


You’ll be grand I’d say!
The day of our wedding was forecast very stormy, floods everywhere, worst where we were (West Cork), and that was in June. Everyone made it down there safely through the start of the storm, it raged overnight, by mid-morning the next day it cleared from us and the day turned out lovely. Meanwhile the rest of the country was being hammered.


Was out in Donabate and Portrane for work today. Portrane beach was a sight and a half, incredible.


Sister-in-law’s back garden today. That’s not her trampoline, hers is secure further up the garden, she also had two additional dogs in her back garden.


The back garden … destroyed …